Spurs New Stadium – The Public Speaks

Being a football fan in the 21st century is an increasingly complex undertaking. The essence of game is mercifully unchanging, that heady brew of sweat and toil, undying passion and exquisite skill which creates this uniquely thrilling and involving spectacle.

Over the last, say, twenty years, most fans have grappled with different tactical formations and the jargon that comes with it. We happily discuss lone strikers with the spare man playing off him or the respective merits of 4-4-2 and 4-5-1. However, if we want to understand fully the modern context, we have to become financial experts too. Money used to mean wages and transfer fees, now it’s income streams, revenue flow, capital expenditure and television rights, all to properly grasp the decisions taken by our clubs

Spurs fans must come to grips with a further dimension to this complicated reality. As the debate about our new stadium intensifies, we have been thrust headlong into the realm of politics because that’s where our fate will be decided, regardless of the wishes of our board.

Yesterday a statement by the leading architect in Spurs’ plans propelled the stadium debate into a major news story. This in itself was somewhat strange because the essential elements that have gathered attention, that Spurs are very keen to move to Stratford and that they intend to demolish the Olympic Stadium, are nothing new. This emerged well before Christmas and were discussed in this very blog.

However, it’s galvanised the whole debate. It’s as if everyone involved has suddenly woken up to what has been going on. Within the Spurs community, it has surprised me how many people have expressed astonishment that the board are deadly serious about the move, preferring to believe until now that it was merely a bargaining ploy to lean on Haringey and TFL. This has been clear for at least two months now, ever since AEG came on board as partners. One reason for the comparative lack of protest about the move, the laudable efforts of the We Are N17 campaign notwithstanding, is now obvious – complacency.

Of greater significance in terms of the final outcome is the reaction amongst people who are not Spurs fans, in particular the realisation that we plan to demolish the stadium. The Daily Mail led on “Spurs Under Fire for ‘Diabolical ‘ Plans…”, while the head of an athletics body Ed Warner was incredulous on the Today Programme this morning that anyone would knock down a stadium that cost 500m of taxpayers money to build and will be the focus of the entire world for two weeks in 2012.

The implications of the board’s plans have hit home. The ambivalence of many Spurs fans has, judging by the boards and social networking sites, hardened to opposition. However, our divisions have the impact of a family spat over who does the washing up compared with the force of the debate in the public arena.

All the attention thus far has focussed on the Spurs board. They undoubtedly prefer Stratford, but the final decision does not rest in their hands. Soon the Olympic Park Legacy Committee meet to agree their preferred bidder, then the final decision will be taken, probably in early March. They will take into account all the non-football interest groups and criteria, and if those of us who want to stay in Tottenham are to have any real impact we would do well to direct our energies in this direction.

As its name implies, the Legacy Committee are charged with evaluating the plans for the Olympic site in terms of what it can do for London and for athletics in the medium and long term. Much of the funding was secured on this basis.

Spurs’ have much the stronger bid in financial terms but it starts to crumble when it comes to the legacy. West Ham’s bid has close links to Newham Council and the community. Also, as Tottenham MP David Lammy has emphasised in a parliamentary debate this week, the legacy is for London as a whole, not just Newham and if Spurs move, N17 loses its biggest employer and area will be blighted.

Further, there’s a requirement that athletics has future. Belatedly Spurs have undertaken to refurbish Crystal Palace but that concession is a sign of weakness in their bid. West Ham want to play in the Olympic Stadium – good luck to them, the track will be retained which does nothing for football spectators – but it remains a worthy home for British Athletics, and a year before the 2012 Games, they become a powerful lobby. Ian Dale, Tory blogger and West Ham fan, says Seb Coe is against the move. I always preferred Steve Ovett but Seb is a powerful man these days with the establishment and a former Tory MP, close to the government.

Let’s stop and consider this for a moment. The public see this currently as a matter between two football clubs, if any of them are actually aware of the issue at all, let alone care. Think of the outcry if it is announced that the Stadium is to be demolished. All the public money that’s gone into it, the attention for Britain’s hopes and dreams, a pile of rubble. Any notion that Spurs are generating cash for the public purse in return will surely cut little ice. A public poll showed 80% were against Spurs plans. There will be an outcry.

Also, imagine this. Picture David Cameron announcing this to a disbelieving electorate. Does he want to be remembered as the PM during Britain’s most glorious sporting heritage of modern times, or the bloke who pushed the button on the wrecking ball? Politics and the Olympics are inextricably linked, whether we like it or not.

I wrote about this last month, twice, and my views haven’t changed. Spurs should make every conceivable effort to remain in Tottenham. I’ve been amazed with the nonchalance that so many fans have accepted the move. Not been actively in favour necessarily, but just acquiesced. Tottenham is our home, our heritage, and to me that’s priceless. If that is an emotional argument, I make no apologies, because football is all about emotion. There’s nothing rational or logical about it. Football is nothing without a soul, and our soul rests in that little part of north London.

The arguments raised yesterday by the architect (interesting how they fronted him up, not anyone from the board or the advisors they have been recruiting from the Olympic bid committee) stressed the financial benefits. Easy access by tube to central London, Canary Wharf is handy for corporate use…I know we have to make money but using these factors as the primary drivers behind the future of an 127 year old football club still sticks in the throat.

However in the end these things are parochial for us Spurs fans to bicker over, The future of the club depends on the political forces at play. The announcement yesterday has forced this issue into the public domain and if it stays there, that’s our best hope for staying in north London.

Maybe we should unite with our Boleyn brethren. Link arms, lace daisies in each other’s hair and call ourselves sisters.  Right now, many of us have more in common with them than we do with our own board. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club: the club that knocked down Britain’s Olympic Stadium. Now there’s a legacy to tell our kids about.


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88 thoughts on “Spurs New Stadium – The Public Speaks

  1. Good article. I still find myself on the fence. One one hand everything that is Tottenham will be lost and the fanbase will eventually change. On the other this is the 21st century. Fans dont choose their clubs so much on location. The media and television have meant that a global audience now demands to see their club. I will not mind skipping the 30 min walk or the crammed trains or struggling to get tickets.

    Surely everyone understands that this is a new era for the club. We are in the champions league ‘challenging’ for the title we have one of the worst failities currently in the premier league we need change, and if newham council are trying to milk us for what we offer then we move.
    Its business


    • Perhaps the reason so many fans are indifferent is because this really is not as big an issue as you believe. I hope we move and look forward to a beautiful ground in a nicer environment and area and hopefully more progression for the football team I love in a stadium to be proud of.


  2. We are moving to Stratford, we got to..

    its the only way forward, I love Spurs I love WHL

    but its a right pain in the bum to get there by rail or road, the area around WHL is a Toilet lets move forward, move upwards move to stratford


  3. Irrespective of what the business proposition is, a “FAN ” is the ultimate client who brings in the coffers to a club. The most sentimental emotion to a fan is for a name change & to relocate.


  4. A diabolical waste of money???

    They will have spent billions of our money preparing for this Olympics and have the Olympics they will….I don’t recall any discussions about what will be done with these venues afterwards….where do we currently hold all of our Athletics meets?

    Why wasn’t all this decided before they started to build the stadium, let’s not blame Spurs, of course they want to get rid of the running track, they’re not in the running business!!

    Mr Lammy’s time would be better spent improving Haringey/Tottenham and then perhaps they wouldn’t want to leave.


  5. Good article although it seems the only spurs fans who dont mind either way have never really been to WHL and unbelievably say Tottenham have no ties.

    Get on to Dear Mr Levy and the post ‘it ends here’. That is where you will see true spurs fans feelings and opposition to the move.

    The reason we have not been vocal till now is as you say that we trusted Levy and thought he was playing off everyone to get the best deal.

    I think now as the decsion gets closer we have woken up to this clever ploy (running two parralel options) and will not stand for it. Expect huge demos if we are the preffered bid.

    Anyone who goes week in week out wants Tottenham to stay in Tottenham and nothing else. Even if it means no new stadium for a while.

    Anyone who thinks different is the modern day consumer, wants the biggest, best right now and the easiest way they can. They only care about winning and not about heratige and tradition. Fickle fans.


  6. Of course we can’t move to Stratford. The West ham locals would make it a very unfriendly welcome for Spurs fans.

    Our name is toteenham Hotspur- its where we come from as a club. it’s who we are.

    We have picked up alot of fans in recent years, and we will turn many of these into enemies if we move to Stratford.

    50% of Spurs fans will stop following the club if we moved, because we wouldn’t be Tottenham Hotspur.

    Also- they would prob have to change the name due to possible trademark issues.

    I so hope West Ham win this ground. God- what a nightmare if we moved. I would have to consider if they are still Tottenham Hotspur at all.


  7. I for one are in favour of the move!!

    Be great for Spurs and the future!

    Makes financial sense, not to mention location is bette, easier to get to – trains from Liverpool Street, London Overground, DLR, Central Line, Jubilee Line …. No question!

    The council should have bitten our arms off at our first planning submission, not get all Barry big B@llox!

    If Spurs wanted to build a bright yellow elephant statue right in the middle of the complex they should have let them because lets face it, THFC moves out of the area …. then the place goes to the dogs, as there’ll be no future investment in the area.

    The council should be giving US incentives for building a new stadium there!!!!


  8. I like all spurs fans in an ideal world would love to stay in N17, keep the white hart lane name, while boosting capacity, and also signing xavi, iniesta, and messi. The unfortunate position we find ourselves in is that the olympic park option will be about £200 million pounds cheaper, and will have overwhelmingly better transport links. My preferred option is and always will be white hart lane, however where is that additional £200 million going to come from? The answer surely must either be from increased ticket costs or from less money being invested in the playing squad.

    If staying in N17 means that tickets to see us play the gooners start at £100 each, I won’t be able to afford to go anyway so what good will staying in N17 do me? Or alternatively instead of signing players like vdv and modric, we’ll be selling players like bale and hoping on deadline day to be recruiting paul konchesky.

    I’ll be interested to see whether if we stay in N17, that you start complaining when we have to sell the naming rights to our stadium as well. the reality is in the near future we won’t be watching our spurs playing in “white hart lane”, we can’t carry on being stuck in the past and live off our glory days, the club needs to push on. With any luck a rich oil baron will buy us up and pay for the new white hart lane out of his own pockets, and we can retain the name, but until that time comes I will remain pratical in the way I view the new stadium move, which will hopeful lead to new glory days and new moments of history to remember.


  9. I like all spurs fans in an ideal world would love to stay in N17, keep the white hart lane name, while boosting capacity, and also signing xavi, iniesta, and messi. The unfortunate position we find ourselves in is that the olympic park option will be about £200 million pounds cheaper, and will have overwhelmingly better transport links. My preferred option is and always will be white hart lane, however where is that additional £200 million going to come from? The answer surely must either be from increased ticket costs or from less money being invested in the playing squad.

    If staying in N17 means that tickets to see us play the gooners start at £100 each, I won’t be able to afford to go anyway so what good will staying in N17 do me? Or alternatively instead of signing players like vdv and modric, we’ll be selling players like bale and hoping on deadline day to be recruiting paul konchesky.

    I’ll be interested to see whether if we stay in N17, that you start complaining when we have to sell the naming rights to our stadium as well. the reality is in the near future we won’t be watching our spurs playing in “white hart lane”, we can’t carry on being stuck in the past and live off our glory days, the club needs to push on. With any luck a rich oil baron will buy us up and pay for the new white hart lane out of his own pockets, and we can retain the name, but until that time comes I will remain pratical in the way I view the new stadium move, which will hopeful lead to new glory days and new moments of history to remember.


  10. Well written article – articulate and full of emotion and good reasoning… As a spurs supporter of 30 years i too am against the move and thoroughly disapprove of the idea of moving our beloved club.

    However – there is one thing that winds me up and that is David Lammy and anything to do with him. Yes as fans we have our thoughts and voices and i have no doubt that the Tottenham Hotspur board will listen to those and will not make any decisions lightly, particularly one as big as this. Lammy however is shouting in full voice in every interview and parlimentary discussion how its a crime and absurd to think that Spurs may move away from Tottenham, but he and his constituency or the local council have done nothing to encourage Spurs to stay put other than spout off about the injustices of the move and how bad it would be for them and the borough. At no point have they gone to Spurs with an option or proposal or anything to convince them to stay put. Arsenal had considerable assitance from the local borough council in order for them to build the Emirates because they know that the football club is the heart and soul of the area, just as Spurs are to Tottenham, but do you see David Lammy and his constituents doing anything remotely similar?? No. In fact its nothing but noise from them and theres a part of me, and i say this without apology, that says why should Spurs do for them when they arent prepared to help or at least encourage them to stay. If i was the local borough i would be doing all i can to get Spurs to stay and not shouting about how outrageous they are for even considering having a back up plan to the new proposed stadium.

    I want nothing more than for our beloved club to stay put and build the stadium its proposed but i begrudge anyone who takes it for granted, takes the club for granted and merely sees them as a cash-cow.

    Our club is about passion and glory – its what its been about from day one and always will be, wherever it may be – the true crime would be for the politics of this country, the politicians and the government to ruin it for us all. Our heritage and history wont change or go anywhere and Tottenham will always be our home – lets just hope they see that and do something positive about it.


  11. yidal

    I want to look forward not back..

    move to stratford we would be £200 million better off

    think of what that could do for our club..

    Joker i think not …


  12. Ed – if we are lucky, some rich oil baron will come in?

    You complete sell out. Look at the plaudits we get now for our football compared to the distain everyone has for City and the way in which they have gone about success.

    Fans like you are the worst. Fed lines that it will be 200m cheaper etc. Im sure the costs are a lot closer than Spurs board will have you believe.

    Told that that the only way for success is to build a bigger better stadium. We’re doing pretty blood well as it is.

    Its the board feeding you these lines because they want the cheapest way to build a big stadium to sell us as a London Spurs franchise.


  13. some one said on another site and i agree

    “Our history doesn’t disappear because we move stadium. Do your fond memories of childhood no longer exist once you move out? It’s called progression and personally I’d take that ahead of sentimentality any day. Besides history is all relative. We are creating it every day and if we move stadium it just becomes another chapter in our clubs history. It doesn’t erase the past or mean that we can no longer be proud of past achievements.”


  14. Kentspur.

    Do you believe that it will really cost 200m less. You think we can build a 60000 stadium in stratford for 250m?

    They are playing with figures. They mention 450m for NDP which included all the hotels, shopping malls etc (that we would make money from). When they talk about stratford they just mention the stadium costs.

    Levy seems to think costs have gone up by 50m which suddenly makes this not viable in Tottenham? No its because he wants to sell us for the best price possible.


  15. If the club move to Stratford I will turn my back on them. It’s what they’re doing to the fans, 99% don’t want this move, so I’ll turn my back. ENIC are only doing this to make spurs a more attractive product to sell to a foreign investor. They don’t give a flying you know what about the true fans. I’ve been going to WHL for thirty years, twenty years as a season ticket holder. I will give this all up the day they give up on me and move to Stratford. People hail levy a hero but he’s buttered us all up just to feather his own nest.


    • @Stoney

      “If the club move to Stratford I will turn my back on them
      It’s what they’re doing to the fans, 99% don’t want this move, so I’ll turn my back. ”

      I think you’ll find its nowhere near 99% opinion is very much divided and I’d say from what I’ve been reading in various places that it is more like 60-40 against moving. O

      “ENIC are only doing this to make spurs a more attractive product to sell to a foreign investor. They don’t give a flying you know what about the true fans.”

      Its a business and they get sold from time to time and those selling try and get as much for them as possible. If Enic sold today they’d make more money than selling after spunking up to 450m on a new stadium/relocating. So I dont buy the arguement that Levy is doing this to trouser a greater amount of money. He’d have to sell THFC (in whatever form it may take) for the guts of 750m to make a load of money like you suggest.

      Seriously THFC in a brand spanking new stadium will never be worth that in any economic climate even if we won the league/champs league 5-10 years in a row. The world’s biggest club is not worth that.

      “I’ve been going to WHL for thirty years, twenty years as a season ticket holder. I will give this all up the day they give up on me and move to Stratford. People hail levy a hero but he’s buttered us all up just to feather his own nest.”

      The club is not giving up on the fans. And even if this

      “ENIC are only doing this to make spurs a more attractive product to sell to a foreign investor. They don’t give a flying you know what about the true fans.”

      is true then would it not be a benefit to the fans if they had a successful club to follow. Just because a person may not give a rats arse where the club play (i’m in the stay in tottenham camp) they are still fans entitled to their opinion no less than you or I.

      There are 30k on the season ticket waiting list. We would fill whatever stadium we play in.

      This whole saga is going to make us all (fans & club) look bloody stupid and the fickle spurs fans mantra will be trotted out by anyone wanting to mouth off about us.


      I really hope that we conduct ourselves with dignity and respect on Sunday in front of the Sky cameras and not give that bunch of ungreatful cunts something to chat about other than football at half time.

      Please folks….no public protest or stupid banners.


      • Gosh, you try and take my post apart but you don’t actually say anything. Are you in politics? Also, try not to be a hypocrite. You say everyone is entitled to an opinion yet you then preach like the self righteous and tell people not to voice their opinions on Sunday. Grow some balls, get your own opinion and most of all find some passion before you start patronising me.


        • Stoney

          No I’m not in politics.

          I’ve said plenty actually. To say any more would be pointless because it’s all been said already and most of the time if someone does not agree with it its only met with insults and personal attacks. This can be seen by replies by yourself and others on this and other blogs.

          Lets try and keep it clean. Just because someone does not agree with your view does not make them any less correct or a fan than you (not you personally I’m generalising now)

          I’m not a hypocrite. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I encourance everyone to voice them but what I dont want is for a group do unfurl mindless banners and start an embarassing protest that’ll be picked up and shit on by sky and everyone else that’s not a spurs fan, and at this point I dont want the scum fans to have anything to beat us with (i.e nomads etc) beacuse in advance of the 28th Levy is not going to withdraw the application for the OS. FACT

          This decision on the 28th Jan is not in our hands and our outright opposition to it will not make a blind bit of difference.

          Ok if the legacy committee decide to approve our application to take over the OS then that will be the time to have a proper campaign to change Levy’s mind (if in fact he is serious and not using the OS threat as a way to get NLDP through without the begging bowl being passed about by the council)

          Relax. Its an emotive issue, granted, but lets stick together on this. There is in my opinion a very small amount of people that actually want to move, the only difference between us is the attitude to what happens when in fact we do move i.e. some will put up with it and regard it as THFC anyway and others will turn their backs.


          • The horse will have bolted if nothing is done before the 28th. People should be proactive with their protests not reactive. Your seeming ambivalence on things suggests to me you don’t hold the past very dear. If it was left to people like you to fight for what made our club great we’d be in Stratford even before the olympics start.


            • Well it looks like we aint going to agree and because you dont agree with anyone but yourself you make assertions/assumptions that you could have no way of knowing are true or not.

              What do you want to achieve before the 28th? Levy aint gonna pull the plug before that or the S106 agreement with TFL is completed. I still reckon the OS is a threat by Levy.

              I’m not being ambivalent I’m being realistic.

              WRT the past…you have no idea how much the traditions and history of the club mean to me…you should have some idea though beacuse until recently its all us Spurs fans had. I’ve been a fan for over 30 years. If I was a “new” fan (one that started following Spurs since we started getting better) then I could appreciate the assertion that “Your seeming ambivalence on things suggests to me you don’t hold the past very dear”

              but I’m not a “new” fan so I respectfully disagree with your post and point out that your latest post just proves my point that because I dont agree with you or tow the same line that you have to resort to insults (which is what you do when you say to someone they dont hold the past very dear etc)

              Why cant we both want the same thing but have a slightly different view on tactics?

              Just for the record I dont want to leave Tottenham either.

              Lets just hope this IS all a tactic employed by Levy to get what is best for us at WHL/NLDP

              Lets channel some of our emotion into supporting the team on Sunday.

              enjoy it…from wherever you sit.


              • I want fans to stand up and be heard, i want them to make their feelings known. You bemoan that I don’t agree with you but I wasn’t the one who tried to pull apart opinion first. And as for assertions and assumptions that I have no way of knowing are true you should read your first response. Stop being a hypocrite and I might take your assumptions and assertions more seriously. Or perhaps it’s just the patronising and condescending tone you take. Nothing you post has a hint of passion, although you’re getting their with the “don’t you dare insult me”. But you’re wrong, I do agree with you; about wanting a successful future for spurs and I want it at WHL. The only thing I’m guilty of is sentiment… And if you think I’ve insulted you then you need to toughen up pal. (not meant as an insult, in fact just friendly advice).


  16. Completely agree with ShamelessYid, Haringey council appear to have done nothing towards convincing Spurs to stay, lets see them put there offer in the Evening Standard??


  17. I still think that Mr Levy is putting pressure on Haringey council to give THFC more money for their new project in tottenham. As Lammy said, london olympics 2012 is for london at a whole not just only for Stratford.

    @mac if there are nobody who are investing in the area where we stand, then the asset of our actual stadium would be horribly low and we could en up with very little.


  18. yidal

    and when people like Stoney give up we will be left with people like kentspur : (

    LMAO been supporting Spurs for 45 years mate…get there when I can ,wife and kids come first. Dont get me wrong love Spurs and WHL is a great place but i think its time to move on…..


  19. Why argue against each other when the people we should talking to are the club, the government and Haringey Council.

    Regardless of what anyone says, we have the most passionate fans going and each one of us comes in to that. We have a passion and love for our club that goes back to beginnings of our club. Even the youngest of our current fans understands and loves our history and the people and events that have shaped it.

    And its these things that need to be understood by those who are making, and indeed opposing the 50% chance it happens.

    For those of you who are having a go at Levy just bare in mind that without him and ENIC, we wouldnt be in a position financially or in the league we are now. We wouldnt have VDV, Modric and Bale or be building one of the most state of the art training facilities in the world without impact on the playing staff transfer budget. Take all this into account when berating him and the board and their decisions.

    Either you can get throw your toys out your prams and riot and throw hissy fits about it, signing petitions to be sent to the club or you can go to those in the best position to convince Tottenham Hotspur to stay put and go ahead with the new NDP stadium – and thats Haringey council. The board at the end of the day are going to do what is viably and financially best for the club and will look at EVERY eventuality to do that, even moving 5 miles up the road and saving themselves £200m. But the best way to convince them to stay is to back the NDP plans and push Harringey council to get behind it, stop the screaming and shouting cos they think they are in a position of power when in actual fact they should be outside the gates on their hands and knees holding big fat cheques begging the board to stay put and giving them there unconditional support for the fact that THFC are prepared to invest £450m into the area and recondition it from the blatent hell hole it is now to a state of the art borough for the future and something everyone around there can be proud of.

    You want to argue with someone, argue with Haringey council about why they arent prepared to do all they can to convince Spurs to stay but are prepared to spout off about how much it will damage them and the area!!


  20. Guys,

    You need to arm yourselves with some facts about the whole situation..
    Read this:


    You’ll see the only possible way for Spurs to grow without risking financial oblivion is Stratford.
    As a season ticket holder I am not over the moon about it, but I am a realist.
    As for a legacy don’t make me laugh… Just think about all the risks the West Ham bid has, including a £40m loan from the council to make the deal happen.


  21. I was brought up around 2 miles from the ground. The thought of leaving White Hart Lane does hurt. However the most important for me is that we keep the THFC name, I would hate to be called Stratford. As I believe we have the rights to keep our name, I am behind the board as £200 million is a ridiculous amount of money.

    We have to do this or Arsenal will eat us alive in terms of generated revenue. History and heritage is important, however the survival of our club is even more crucial. There are many clubs like Nottingham Forest, Leeds, Wolves, Burnley with a great history but look where there are now. If we let our pride get the better of us, we could become a mid table club scrapping to stay in the league every year.

    We also need to think of the next generation of Spurs fans and the future of our club!!!!!


  22. I have been a Spurs fan for close on 30 years. I live in South Africa and have never had the pleasure of watching a game at White Hart Lane (never been to the UK). I love the name of our club and the ground name – White Hart Lane – just has this uniqueness about it.

    From financial and logistical perspective, it is hard to fight against the reasoning to move to the Olympic stadium. Cheaper, better facilities and less risk of things going awry. At the same time, we would great to stay where we are, but it looks like the council and govt will have to play there part too.


  23. 99% what aload of cr@p, I wonder how many supporters that dont live in the surrounding sh*t hole of Tottenham would like for 1 to be able to get a ticket to a match on a regular basis and apply for a season take that doesnt take 25 years to get. Not to mention being able to get to a game without getting stressed out at the thought. I used to be a regular at whl, I dont go so often now I have kids I’d love to take them regularly but the transport is just not good enough.

    We need a new stadium, we have many thousands of fans that cant get tickets, thats money lost forever the longer we wait thats just money not getting to the club. Whatever option Levy & ENIC decide on and it will be down to them at the end of the day, we wont be at WHL anymore. Even if the rebuild in Tottenham goes ahead, if wont be the same stadium and it wont be called WHL as naming rights will be sold long before any support parks their bum on a seat. Fair play to anyone thats been going to WHL for 30 years, but the future of the club is whats more important now and kids of today wont enjoy the trip to Tottenham with the current transport being total garbage. Lammy is a complete tool, Id gladly leave moreso now just because of how has dealt or rather not dealt with the whole process. The council have always made thing difficult for Spurs because they could, they’ve not done much to support the new development and put alot of hurdles in the way. Now they are shouting and screaming because they know the only thing going for the dump is the football club.

    There was alot less moaning when Enfield and Pickets lock move was rumoured afew years back! ! ! I remember most people saying they’d be quite happy at a shiney new stadium there.

    If and Id say if….. we get moved to Stratford any true fan would still follow Spurs if it means that much to them. If not does that mean you are going to switch colours and support another club??

    I think in the end we wont get the OS, I think the spammers will sneak in and it will probably be a disarster but thats their problem.


    • “any true fan would still follow Spurs if it means that much to them.”

      “I used to be a regular at whl, I dont go so often now I have kids I’d love to take them regularly but the transport is just not good enough.”

      Sounds like a contradiction in terms. You have a pop at the likes of me for saying I’d turn my back on them because they’d rip the heart and soul out my beloved club and tear up the history of WHL but you won’t go because of a bit of traffic or a crowded train. Pathetic. I have a moral and historical grievance with the powers that be, fueled by my love and passion for the club, but your arguement is based on traffic. You have absolutely no grounds to question the commitment of the likes of me to spurs. As for the sh!thole that is tottenham, have you been to the eastend? And I won’t, and will never, support another club.


  24. I will never put one foot in Stratford or its new football stadium if this happens.

    I implore all Tottenham fans who want to keep Tottenham Hotspur alive to get off the fence and strongly oppose this.

    An apathetic “I want to stay in Tottenham but I’ll go to Stratford” will be seen as a YES to Stratford.

    NO NO NO!


    • Go on then, enjoy your time at Stamford Hill Maccabi ladies FC. That’s in an N postcode – but come to that so are the Arse, are they not? Does TMWNN stand for “The Most Wanked-up Numpty Nevertheless”? Go back to your darkened room. If Mummy tells little TMWNN, “you’re going to Stratford”, DO IT! Even if its to see Hamlet at the Memorial Theatre – look it up, pal.


  25. Kentspur your an utter disgrace. Levy would be proud of you. 20 years attending, major part of my life, but I would never set foot in Olympic stadium unless as an away fan. Stratford Hotspur? Not on my watch.


  26. Essentially speaking football is already more about brand power than location. In an age when an english team can field no english players, and you know who I mean, a team can spend twice the money on wages than money coming in, a move to the east of London. Players on the majority stick to a club 3-4 years before moving on. The game has changed, and Spurs will change with it. Spurs fans are unique, and I don’t want to lose that. The atmosphere at the lane is recognisable anywhere, and this decision has the potential to disrupt that.
    We as Tottenham fans have more passion that the gooners, more voice the the reds, and more class than the city. If we move, I will miss my trips to the lane, but I will miss the atmosphere moreso, and Levy is taking a gamble that the atmosphere wont change. I for one will not stand down as a Spurs fan, but my heart will be dulled.
    I wont hold it against the fans that are for a move, as I understand they have no pride in N17, merely in thier side playing well and pushing for glory, I get it, it is a different breed of fan that we are raising these days. Success at all costs eh…
    Let us hope that sense arrives in time.


  27. I cant really comment on moving from Tottenham to Stratford, because i am one of many fans who don’t live in Tottenham. This does not mean i cant join in the debate , but i have highlighted a problem of none residential fans like me giving a distorted view to the Tottenham board. So i will try to give my honest opinion like i live there here goes i live in Widnes in the North West and have bean a fan for 49 years since i was ten. This reminds me of my Rugby League team Widnes Vikings, they where asked to merge with Warrington Wolves and build a new stadium between the too Towns. This was like asking the Palestinians and Israel to form one country and it was not excepted by both fans and now we both have brand new stadiums but the fall out from the Rugby League committee was Widnes got overlooked when the Super League Licences where handed out for a Welsh Team who went bust. So what Spurs fans have to consider is this if we win the War will we lose the Battle. Let me explain more , if Tottenham who have bean badly treated by the council and London Mr Johnson the Police and the heritage committee. They all objected to our plans making the cost rise and stalling the project at every junk sure . The only time they excepted was when this new venture came along a first it was a bargaining tool to get our fantastic plans excepted by all the body’s who objected. The problem is the board fell in love with the financial package on offer and the staggering saving have bean announced at 200 Million pounds my argument is this why has the MP and all the other Body’s suddenly started shouting when the Spurs board have had there heads turned by 200 Million. The fans will win but at what cost will we have a Stadium with no money for Players and years of no Trophy’s like Arsenal. We ask players to move there Families from all over the World some of our fans Travell from every part of the country and the World to Tottenham but we object to moving a few miles . For the Move 200 million in Savings a Stadium with the best travel system to and from it in London Aeg have promised top Bands just like the O2. Against the move you can move a stadium around its home but you cant move your stadium to a different area for to reasons firstly we would just be Spurs and no longer be Tottenham and we would just be a brand not a club with a brand and also would our fans be safe and the Stadium in another rivals backyard. This problem was created by the objections and its them who will have to soften the blow of the Tottenham Board of walking away from there area and they will need 200 million reasons or the Fans will win the Historical War and lose the Finical Battle the very subject Plattini has said you require to enter the Champions league. Man City wont be aloud because of there 127 million dept Building the stadium wont be counted in our depts but the savings will matter to our club . I want to stay in N17 where Tottenham where born and i adopted aged ten Living 4 hours away in Widnes.


      • Dav

        Some ephidrene and high energy drinks like lucozade sport should do the trick then?

        Overload levy with same and he’ll throw stratford in the bin.

        Paragraphs would be lovely next time.


  28. Enough with the “If the club moves, I stop going”. It just proves that you care more about your sense of nostalgia than the club. Tottenham is much, much more than the ground on which the arena stands. “It is not Stratford Hotspur, it is Tottenham Hotspur” is just retarded – like something out of Sarah Palins mouth.

    If you are going to sign petitions, please do, but address them to David Lemmy and not to Daniel Levy.


  29. I’m 64 years old and speak as a veteran of the old double winning days. I care less about staying at White Hart Lane than about returning football to the people. So how do we go about this? We keep Stratford as an 80,000 seat stadium. Put up the charges for corporate clients, put down the prices for the majority of fans, and make 20,000 seats available free for children from the age they can travel safely alone by train until school leaving age, and a tenner for pensioners. This is one way we can make sure of making Tottenham Hotspur the best supported club in the country. All those underprivileged kids who live in Tottenham would be able to see their team. Remember, the average price per game of a season ticket at Bayern Munich is £5.20. Every match in the Bundesliga is sold out, no matter what club.

    Most revenue is gained from areas other than at the gate.

    Lads, discuss!


  30. im a spurs fan and like most would prefer it if we stayed at the northumberland site mainly because of our history but also because i like the fact we own our own ground and would have to rent the os, but i also realise that there is only so far that the spurs board will be pushed by haringley council and they have now come to the conclusion that that point has been crossed, people are going on about the half billion spent on the os and that that money will be wasted if the stadium is pulled down, what about the 3 billion we are expected to earn as a country for holding the games, also the current petition to stop the move has 4500 signed on it yet we have 17 mil would wide fans, yet your tellin me that most supporters are against the move, sorry but the math just dont add up


  31. i would just like to say, i am a season ticket holder at spurs, and i don’t mind either way where we play our football. and i don’t subscribe to the point of view that i am not a true spurs fan just because i favour a move, i have my opinion, i pay my money to spurs, just like all the so called true spurs fans who want to stay at whl. i want world class facilities and transport links without plunging my club deep into debt, if we can save 200 million then i’m for it, doesn’t make me any less of a spurs fan cause we’re moving 5 miles down the road


    • I don’t think you are a true Spurs fan.

      Would you continue to support the team if Tottenham was removed/replaced from the clubs name? Even if the name does remain (which I doubt becuase someone will challenge it), are you honestly OK with supporting a team that now represents the people of Stratford?

      In a few years time, we will be known as a club from Stratford – not Tottenham. That means we are no longer Tottenham.

      5 miles may not seem far to you but London is unique. Each borough and district is distintive in its own way thanks to its own history and social standing. Each borough is like a different town and moving Tottenham to Newham would be like moving Tottenham to a new town.


  32. and while i’m at it , why is all the hate directed at daniel levy and the spurs board, instead of harringay council and david lammy?, they are the one who have made it as difficult as humanly possible for spurs to build a new stadium, they are the one who screw spurs year in and year out and expect tottenham to regenerate the area out of their own pockets, with no help or public funding. yet all the anger is directed at a chairman and the spurs board? i don’t get it


  33. Alan
    I’ve enjoyed reading your intelligent, entertaining and (most significantly) literate pieces for several months and responded – almost always positively – several times.
    Given this, I’m a little puzzled why you appear to be adopting such a simplistic and, let’s not mince words, juvenile approach to the N17 vs. relocation debate. Do you have a hidden agenda? Do you see your constituency audience as comprising the dullard Worcester Avenue I (Heart) You, or Park Lane [N17] – What a Wonderful Place, or the I’d Walk a Million Miles for One a’ yer Goals [from poxy Manor House] brigade?
    Face it. As it stands The Lane is an anachronism. It’s too small. It’s falling apart. It’s off the beaten track. Parking is a joke. The local après-match infrastructure is non-existent. The place is a toilet.
    So what’s the answer? OK… Right… Build a bloody great slab sided Sainsbury’s that eclipses local resident’s mid-day sunlight, a hotel for those who can’t afford a trip to the favelas of Latin America or the townships in South Africa, and a block of flats that in ten years would make Broadwater Farm seem like a Miami apartment block. Oh, and while you’re about it kow-tow to the wankers in English Heritage or whatever so that you ruin any sort of approach vista with a few third rate survivors such as the Red House, the old Spurs Supporters’ Club building and those two non-descript buildings at the west end of Sir Bill Nicholson Way – it never really was the Avenue of the Americas – was it?
    You all try to out-do each other with how many decades you’ve been Spurs’ most loyal and enthusiastic supporter. I count 51 years this year – but even at the tender age of seven, I could see that N17 was somewhere I glad Mum and Dad had not decided to take root – I had the advantage of Isthmian League Wealdstone for that – a shit-hole today of comparable proportions and adjectival possibilities.
    What’s with it with all this “Stay here, or I won’t support you” sophistry? You twats.
    Great football. Great games. Great memories. Great personalities. Great history.
    Who remembers, or laments the Wales or the Bearmans?
    You see you don’t even know who they are, do you.
    They were the dinosaurs who in the 1950s and 1960s accidently allowed our beloved team to win two First Division trophies and all the rest, which you may have heard about on You-Tube or Jakanory… They were the arseholes who nearly stymied Arthur Rowe’s and, later, Sir Bill’s attempts to drag this archaic, anachronistic, ineffective and largely artless footy club into any reach of the pantheon of the Association Football greats.
    Do any of you get a tiny resonance about the sad, lonely people claiming that 80% in a “public poll… were against Spurs [Olympic Stadium] plans”.
    This un-attributable bollocks that THFC will attract odium and obloquy by demolishing an MDF built Olympic Stadium to erect something even half as beautiful as the centre piece of the Northumberland Development Project is a distraction and irrelevant.
    Unless you are within walking distance of WHL (and, vitally, not so close that every second Saturday is a lebensraum), there is no justifiable reason to reject the move to another postcode. For fecks sake the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to LA in 1957, and – as we all know – disappeared without trace. Closer to home Woolwich Arsenal moved even further into our own hinterland and killed off a small club called Tootenham – just like will to West Ham.
    Get real, lads. Sit in this overcrowded, under-amenitied, corroding, stinking shithouse, just because your genes tell you that you could not bear to write any post code other than N17 on your annual season ticket application.
    Or, wise up.
    Realise that one of the reasons Spurs cannot justify an 80,000 capacity venue is for the same reason you so want it. One is emotional – the other logical.
    And I ain’t even touched on the:
    Economics: why spend £450m on N17, while E99 costs £449m – but with a 5000 space car park thrown in gratis?
    Politics: Lammy? He’s MP for Soweto in the Northern Hemisphere. Now he’s interested that it may soon be even worse.
    Tradition: If you want tradition, let’s go semi-professional and play our home games on No 15 dog-shit pitch on Hackney Marshes?
    Sentimentality: try telling that to Preston NE, Sheffield Wednesday or Notts County or (LOL) West Ham?
    Loyalty: Yeah? I’d really love to touch base with the N17 YIDs who pole-axed creamed me and 3 week hospitalised my MUFC-supporting mate outside a carpet shop on Seven Sisters Road at 7pm after a great football experience on 23 September 1967. Last time I ever took a friend to sports-loving WHL
    What ever other reason you may persuade yourself to oppose at least considering the Great Trek nach Osten try this: the football matters, the winning matters, the Spurs matter. If you all give up your season ticket, Levy ain’t going to shit hisself. A more welcoming, approachable, and exciting venue will soon replace all 389 of you who have the balls to burn your membership cards – until your name comes back to the top of the waiting list. Stop being so melodramatic and COYS!!!!
    (And to the eegit who thinks that we’d have to change the name because of the Trades Descriptions Act — I think mummy’s calling you to change your nappy!)


  34. Czyrko, I having nothing but contempt for you. What is supporting a football club, if it is not for tradition, sentiment, history, sense of belonging and identity? Football is completely irrational, yet it is a game we love, so we don’t have to be rational as we make our decision about whether we would continue to support our club if it moved from North to East London. Of course, from a purely business point of view it makes sense. But I don’t support Tottenham Hotspur PLC, I support Tottenham Hotspur football club, even if that is now just a notion, rather than reality. By pure coincidence I happen to have the misfortune of being in Stratford as I write this, do you know what is being played over the tannoy at the DLR entrance? The “bubbles” song – yet I am meant to be happy about this proposed move to this clearly identified West Ham stronghold? Many of your comments are not only offensive, but they are racist and factually incorrect. As for your Tottenham is a dump stuff, yes it may be a very deprived borough, but wake up Stratford is hardly Eden. You and your ilk are welcome to support an east London franchise, it what will ultimately be a souless, plastic outfit. PS I would never condone violence but perhaps those boys from 1967 saw you for the offensive, bigoted person that you clearly are.


    • RBS, “I having nothing but contempt…” no sorry compassion “for you”.

      Don’t you see how a revitalised and inspirational THFC (fuck the PLC) stadium in your back yard might improve your life style, property value, and social standing… if not your syntax?

      Offensive? Racist? Factually incorrect?

      Name names.

      Cite documented fact.

      Nominate substantive references.

      But, best of all fuck off back to your puerile and small minded postcode mentality where a decision by the GPO in the seventies decided what was north and what was east London. Just think in Real Madrid and Barcelona and the Milans had stayed in their shitehouse neighbourhoods. Christ we’d really be quaking in our ankle-high, iron studded, donkey leather boots.

      Piss off and join the local Ingliss for biginnehs yoga karma kissy-kissy club, you Stratford nonentity.


  35. Big man on the Internet aren’t you Czyrko? A real cyber warrior. Shame you won’t ever say any of this to my face, otherwise it would 1967 for you all over again. But if you do fancy spouting your bile to my face, well I am in the same pub every other weekend down at Tottenham and I can let you know which one if you like? I’ll be there each matchday.


    • Oh! Argh, I’ve just kackared my grits. See what I mean? THFC fan loses it when his argument diminishes…

      BTW for the record I’m only 3′ 7″ tall, stand on a milk crate on my seat in the Paxton and your grand-dad used similar verbiage outside that Brentford Nylons shop window that night. Please be reassured that my bile is unwasted and unreservedly reserved for followers of the Arse and that mob from the upper reaches of Fulham Road. And those gits from oop noorth.

      PS: you don’t name the pub. But I will nevertheless find you from your pram, the acne and the dribble all down your bib.

      BTW Are you sure that your undies aren’t claret and blue with SBOBRET emblazoned over the space for your tiny dick?

      Love and kisses


  36. Oh FFS! All you so called Spurs fans who are either up for the move or undecided – WAKE UP!! If this move happens then that is the end of TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR.

    There’s genuine belief that should Levy do the unthinkable and move Tottenham to Stratford, we would be forced to change our name (this was always going to be a possibilty – how can you call a team ‘Tottenham’ when they no longer come from/play there!?).

    So I have a question to all you so called Tottenham fans who are open to the move. Would you still follow the team if ‘Tottenham’ is removed from the club name?

    We’re being rebranded unless we do something about this.


    • Dean. They don’t seem to give a sh!t about the history and legacy of THFC. Or what it will do to the tottenham area and the local businesses. All they seem to worry about is being able to drive up and park at the front door or being able to get a train, with enough room to do star jumps in, right to their seat, which will have a little chocolate sitting on it when they get there. So what if you have to sit in a bit of traffic or squeeze into a train carriage. Most people do it everyday going to work. They all need to grow a pair. Mollycoddled pansies. I really dont think they understand what being a TOTTENHAM fan really means.


      • Nope, we don’t understand what being a spurs fan means, I want a new stadium I want to be challenging for the top 4 every year and I want to stay in north London so who gives a fuck that its going to cost 450 million and that the fans will end paying for it, and the team will end up suffering cause we’ll be saddled with huge debts. Not us cause were true fans because we want to stay in north London.


  37. Mmmm… I quite like the name London FC, with or without the Hotspur. Arsenal, West Ham, Fulham, QPR, Crystal Place, Millwall, Charlton, Wealdstone, Chelsea, et al would suddenly sound suburban, even (dare I say it?) provincial… like Salford Engine Drivers, Anfield Hubcappers, South Coast Big Club and Leeds.


  38. Czyrko you think your a lot smarter than you actually are. Clearly some of your comments are meant to be controversial, ooh your the bad boy of the message boards. I bet you were wanking as you wrote that we should be called London FC. You think you are the Frankie Boyle of the Spurs message boards. But your not actually very funny are you? Just a sad bitter old man, still smarting from getting pummelled on the Seven Sisters Road 44 years ago. Coach and Horses by the way. xx


    • You have to wonder why someone who hates the current location so much, bothers to support the club at all.
      I’d ask him directly but he might bore us all again with his inane ramblings.

      This whole issue has become deeply depressing, and has been completely mishandled by Levy and Co. to the point where the supporters are split down the middle(ish), leaving some of the less opinionated dazed and confused, or ready to sign the club’s (Tottenham Hotspur) death warrant in the vain hope of glory.

      Without a united front, our (the fans’) opinion becomes, as Alan quite rightly says, irrelevant.


    • Hello Mr RBS (or may I call you Fred the Shred?)

      You’ll be greatly disappointed that your very own grandmother terminated my wanking days with a well directed Doc Marten to my gonads just a few seconds before he (and his glee club) pulverised the crap out of my Manc mate John and confiscated his red and white scarf after the Spurs went down 3-1 to undeniably superior force all those years ago. Want the programme, complete with blood all over tables on the back page?

      OK. As to smartness, I (don’t think), I know I’m a lot smarter than I actually think I am. But I also have a sneaking suspicion that you ain’t anywhere close – but you’ve suddenly shown enlightenment surprising for your (to date) evidently modest IQ. Controversy is the essential lifeblood of the web. If I simply wrote: “Hey Professor RBS, you are soooooo right”, you’d either think I was Arsene Wenger’s youngster about the house or an American. And you’d have nobody to threaten with unspeakable anti-dwarf Einsatzkommando mischief.

      As to the name change, as you’re so big on heratige you’ll well remember that before they were ever named Tottingham (in 1981,by St Ozzy of Ardiles, I seem to recall), our mutual obsession was called “Hotspur FC” – and only adopted the slum’s nomenclature when confused with the existing London Hotspur. St Arry of Sandbanks was probably there – he ought to be able to settle matters. That’s what I call real heritage [sic].

      BTW: Who is Frankie Boyle? Is he in West Ham’s second XI (tee hee), or is it Karren’s pole dancing stage name when she isn’t modelling strap-ons? Or mebbe just some pathetic Jock?

      Coach and Horses? Great. Please advise post code for my Austin Allegro’s satnav. Would that be the hostelry in Berwick, Skelmersdale or Penzance? Or Ilford?

      Nice to speak agin, but no ”xx” from me… I’ve got a gerbil and that’s about how much affection I an handle. And you wouldn’t really want the cols sore that Uncle Arsene gave me on Boxing Day evening, would’ya?

      That’s all for now. Gotta catch some zeds and dream yet again of my multiple pre-1967 orgasms and collecting me pension. Nurse! Bed pan!!!!


        • Sorry, Stoney, I missed you out with my mordant prose. Sounds as though you like crawling hands and knees up the Seven Sisters Road with barbed round round yer bollocks and a pocket dictionary rammed up your khyber. Ever thought that the Ar$e might be more up your street? Queer, that.


          • Just go away. You’ve added nothing to this debate besides being thoroughly annoying. I’ve been sitting here quietly reading the obnoxious drivel you’ve been spouting but I couldn’t contain myself any longer. Now go to bed as you promised and spare us any more of your condescension. As for you being smart, the easiest person to deceive is yourself. Don’t choke on your profane tongue in your sleep.


  39. No to Franchise football.

    Spurs will go to Stratford without me (no hardship for Levy and the board I appreciate, plenty on the list to take my and many others’ places – apparently). It will be a case of wishing good luck to the new enterprise and thanks for the last 40 years.


  40. Hmmm…*adopts raised eyebrow and palms down pose beloved of referees trying to defuse mayhem*

    To respond to just one point. The blog is written in a personal style. You can take it or leave it, and judging by my hits many take the latter option, but this is me, me and my Spurs. So there are no hidden agendas. I do tend to reflect and have a bit of a ponder, but the blog is nothing without the emotional pull of this club. In this case, the emotions keep me in N17 and that’s consistent with stuff i write about heritage.

    In the interests of transparency, I have to declare an interest. I am a Spurs shareholder.

    Literally. Just the one. I’m doing my bit for the club’s finances by not cashing my dividend cheque. That 4p will go a long way.

    Whatever happens, it shows how divisive this has become. Not good.

    Regards to all,



    • Blimey I thought I was the only shareholder with just one share (which was riuned years ago with a 5 for 1 rights issue). What number’s on yours, Alan?


  41. this debate seems to raise people’s testosterone levels and not for the good.

    Stay or leave I will always support Tottenham Hotspur. However, there are many misleading reports like Stratford will be £200m less to build. This is not correct at all. The improved transport links at Stratford will also accommodate one of Europes largest shopping centres next door to the stadium so that will feel the strain too. 55,000 people managed to get away from WHL before all seater stadia were introduced.

    The bigger picture needs to be looked at though and that’s not the “more money, more money” one. I have it on fairly decent authority that if we get the OS, AEG will buy Spurs from ENIC and we WILL become a franchise.


    • In 1938, >75,000 got away from WHL, 3 in a motor car, 9 on push bikes, 17 on the bus and 112 by train. The rest walked, some of them home to Sunderland. And that’s when London’s pride was its public transport system!


  42. The so called ‘Spurs Fans’ saying we should leave make me laugh- if all you care about is easy access and winning teams then why not go and support Man City now? You may as well because if Tottenham do leave N17 then they will not be the same club anymore………if they moved to Manchester or Liverpool (as an extreme example) for instance would they still be our club? How many years have we all said we were the pride of North London etc only for people to now happily give that up because the area is a dive and a little difficult to get to!! I love going to White hart Lane and it makes me sad to demolish this stadium as it is given its history but to go to Stratford? Give me a break, and any REAL fan would understand this. For once i hope West Ham win this one.
    why dont we just move futher on down into essex?!!! Pride of Essex, can see it now………..


  43. yeah.lets go into a west ham stronghold ,knock down 500mil of public money and convince ourselfs that its for the “future of the club” you idiots


  44. oh and btw lets turn tottenham (the area) yeah you know the town where you first watched tottenham play ,turn into a fucking wasteland coz you can get home 10 minutes eariler by tube…still at least we would still be tottenham…..would we fuck


  45. I’m sick 2 death of hearing how much so called Fans love Spurs, with it’s History, Tradition and all that it stands for. Then in the next breath they are bangin’ on about how great the move to East London would be….Some of you should really hear yourselves. Personally I hate the fact that so called Supporters are more than happy to write off the HISTORY of our beloved club since 1882 and where we Really come from as a club. Makes me wonder how many of these Lovers of MY club actually get to the Lane on a Matchday.
    I really do believe (& Hope) that Spurs will not win the bid due to their total disregard for the Plans of a Olympic Legacy supposedly being left behind after the Summer of 2012 and equally the fact that Stratford just happens to be in the Same Borough as West Ham.
    The plans are already approved for our New Stadium and in all honesty anyone who knows will agree Stratford was once a dive as well…..Hence Regeneration.


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