Tottenham On My Mind is a fan’s blog about Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs. History and the present.

This is an old-fashioned blog by an old-fashioned supporter who has stood and now sits on the Shelf for 50 years. There are words, once a week at least. For news and ITK, go elsewhere. It’s personal – read this and after a while you’ll get to know me. No alias, no contributors, no ads, just me.

You’ve come this far. Stay awhile and this is what you’ll find.

Regular pieces based around the matches but more than just a match report.

Articles about anything that’s happening at the club.

Pieces about British football in general.

If you know your history, it’s how we understand who we are, yet in a society obsessed with instant gratification, football history seems to begin in August 1992. Not here. And we are the fans. Loyal, often ignored and marginalised in this age of sponsorship, inflated ticket prices and satellite television. Players, managers and chairmen come and go, some last longer in the memory than others but we stay, we are the heritage of this mighty, wonderful frustrating club. Out story needs to be told.

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