Great Big Nothing

Don’t waste your valuable time reading this. Really, there’s no punchline, not even a half baked joke or modestly amusing article. Feel free to let me know how much time you’ve wasted. You’ll never get it back, you know.

The news at Spurs is: nothing. England? Well, all power to them and good luck to Crouch and Lennon tonight but as I said in my piece on September 8th, I can’t get into a lather about the international team, See, things are so slow, all I can reference is my blog. Rio? He’s not fit, that’s it.

Given that over the last few years the default position at the club has been somewhere between turmoil and crisis, you’d think that a bit of peace and quiet would suit, But this not so much an international break, more coitus interruptus with the same feelings of frustration and unfulfilled desire. We are playing some decent football and despite a few reservations there’s more success to come. I look  forward to each and every match with the optimism of the irrevocably besotted, but right now there’s a thrilling sense of extra anticipation at each game, greater than I can recall for a long time now. Thrills aplenty await and I’m desperate to find out what happens, as well as being part of it. It’s times like this when all the time and money seems worth it. All on hold. Nothing to see here, move along now

There’s no opportunity for Harry to work on the defensive pairings and other teamwork that could help us retain our lofty league position. He’s on good form, as this quote from the Mail re the break shows: “’Unbelievable, innit?’ said ‘Arry with a shake of the head. ‘I’m going to play them one against one, two hours a day, until they’re f**ked!’ Time to clear the tumbleweed blowing across the Chigwell pitches.

Talking of central defenders, there’s more time for Woody and King to get fit, and it’s good news that Woody is at last training again, but it would be a huge mistake to rush him back. Daws must be itching for a game and I’d like to see him play on Saturday.

Ooh, hang on, something happened there! I could carry on by shoehorning references in to our players in the internationals. Looks like we don’t have to worry about summer injuries for our Croatian lads, eh? No, it’s no good. To the very few of you who bothered to reach the end, I salute you. Now go and find something more interesting to do. Me, I’m off for a bit of thumb-twiddling. You don’t want to be as bored as I am, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

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