Spurs v Villa. Get Stuck In. Like Leeds, Only Better

Right, let’s get on with it. Stuck in from the start. No messing about. No elaborate patterns or attempts at profound insight. Simple, straightforward and direct. The ability is there and maybe after Wednesday the confidence, the understanding of what is needed, inside.

And then there’s the football. This evening’s match, despite being tucked away with its afterthought of a kick-off time, is one of the most crucial of the season. Three points against one of our closest and most determined rivals would mean so much, especially after our recent faltering league form. It’s too early to tag this as ‘must win’ but victory would be a phenomenal boost, defeat a telling blow.

Villa are amongst the most organised and redoubtable opponents in the league, if not the most loved. They are to be respected but not feared. They defend deep, throwing layer upon layer of bodies in front of their goal when the pressure is on. We have to move their central defenders out of their comfort zone with fluent movement, as we don’t have Lennon’s pace to take up undue amounts of their attention. JD, use your mind and get inside them. I have to say, frankly I doubt if their defenders had sleepless nights worried about Peter Crouch. So look to Luka and Hud for not just chances but goals too. One in a low scoring game could be enough.

They need to get Bentley moving too – I presume he’ll play after his recent revelation that if he pulls his finger out, he might actually get somewhere. He needs support, with an option to pass inside because he can’t beat a man easily. More of those curling firm crosses to the edge of the 6 yard box. Bale, young as he is, we are already looking to him for those bursts into the box. His stamina is good and he can deliver those later in the match, just as defenders are tiring. Again, this could be match-turning if he gets it right.

Meanwhile, Villa might lap it all up, hanging back and hitting on the break, which is the way they like it to be. Milner is so effective in these situations, with Young and Agbonlahor’s speed mean we cannot lose focus for a moment. O’Neill will have pointed them in the direction of Corluka and Dawson with their lack of pace, although Corluka dealt with Young superbly after coming on as sub for Zokora last year, the best demonstration of the art of full-back play that I have seen for a long while.

In the away fixture, once we got going in the second half, we dominated totally but scored only one, from a defender at that. No second chances, keep the tempo high, right from the first whistle, and the win will be ours.

4 thoughts on “Spurs v Villa. Get Stuck In. Like Leeds, Only Better

  1. Its great when Spurs are challenging in the league because whether it is Birmingham, Villa, or Wolves every game really matters. Winning a cup is all well and good but you can have a rubbish league season and do that – half a dozen games sum up the whole year. But a league challenge for a CL place means games to get excited about come round every week. Can’t wait for kick off today. COYS !!


  2. Yeah ,get stuck in from the start,and carry on to the end.With the money they get paid that should be the least we expect to get in return and really players don´t deserve to be in the team if they are not prepared to do this.Though I have often cursed Dawson for his odd mistakes or rash tackles at vital times his passion and determination to put his body on the line every game has to be admired , just wish the rest of the team would take that as a benchmark to get into the starting lineup each game.That Dawson stands out so much disappoints me alot,I want him to get lost in the crowd of a whole team displaying such commitment.


  3. You deserved your win on Wednesday but have to agree with you about Peter Crouch. A handful maybe, but didn’t really trouble the Leeds back line, even without our regular centreback. Dawson looked top class and without him who knows what the result might have been. We’ll be back. MOT


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