The Sound of Silence

A deathly hush from Spurs this week. No brash pronouncements, or injury scares, player protests. As quiet as the contemplation room at the Department of Children, Schools and Families. A whole lot of nothing going on and all the better for it. It’s just what we need as we build up to the most momentous 9 days in the club’s history since, oh, at least 2 weeks ago.

It’s the perfect preparation. If I listen very carefully, I can hear the sounds of aching and weary limbs gradually healing and becoming stronger, although sadly that does not include Ledley’s knee. Luka, Daws, Thud and JD  all require endless massage, physio and a sprinkling of magic dust, just to make sure. A quiet and peaceful week is just what the doctor ordered.

As a kid I had a couple of model planes. Pre-remote control, the method of propulsion was a propellor attached to a thick brown rubber band that ran the length of the fluselage. If you wound it too weakly, it unwound in a trice and nothing much occurred. Too tight and the whole aircraft began to contort as if in pain. Get it just right, and I’m damned if the bloody thing didn’t glide through the air for a hundred yards or so, a long way for soemthing so small and technologically crude.

For some reason it comes to mind as, like many fans, the tension has gradually mounted. As the days pass, I’m becoming as taut as that rubber band, waiting and wanting to get on it with, for it to be Saturday, for us to find out our fate. I guess the players feel some of that too. Get that tension just right, channel it and it will see us through. Mostly it went for about ten yards before crashing into the ground. Sometimes the effect of the impact meant the wings came off and bounced to a height greater than any acheived by the plane itself. But that doesn’t fit the metaphor, so forget it.

Many supporters have released the pressure by venting their feelings over the furore about the Manchester City goalkeeper. I can’t be bothered. I’m not fussed about what our opponents are up to.The rules seem to have been followed, and if they are the same for everyone, then that’s fair enough. We could have used these same rules if Gomes had been injured (and what a nightmareish thought that is, given his brilliance over the past few months). It may explain the apparently strange decision to keep Alnwick as our number two and not sign anyone during the last window. Having said this, it is a slightly odd rule. Bringing in another keeper as cover if a club is short I can understand, but allowing them to parachute in someone who is clearly superior to their existing players, rather than be back-up on the bench, I’m not so sure about.

My sole concern is for Spurs – this thing is in our hands. Seven points are enough and if we play to somewhere close to our best, we will get them, regardless of anything else. If the others slip up, that’s a bonus.

So to Bolton. Owen Coyle’s prowess as a manager has been amply demonstrated in the manner in which he has altered their playing style. They will pass and work hard for each other, one up front and five in the middle. However, they will not stretch us as United did last Saturday and will not keep Bale quiet for 90 minutes. Whilst they will be hard to break down, we will surely make chances as the game progresses.

I’d start with Hud and Luka in the middle, Bale at left mid with BAE behind him. Kaboul at right back- his strength will be useful, especially at set pieces. Apparently Bolton have scored more goals this season from throw-ins, 6, than Stoke. Lennon starts if fit. Ledley rests if fit or not. If he can play one game between now and the end of the season, that has to be City.

Back to those chances – we may make them but there’s a niggling doubt about whether or not we will take them. JD has not looked sharp since he came back into the team and has seldom looked dangerous. On a few occasions he has let slip his frustration as he tries those long shots, way out and with half the defence directly in front of him. However, his form is hard to judge properly because he’s not had the service. We’ve not been sliding balls into channels for him to run on to nor have we put in those teasing crosses across the 6 yard box. Pav too has looked unsure in front of goal.

Whatever these minor doubts, this is a game to be won. We are the better team and with mental strength plus a bit of patience if things don’t go all our own way early on, we should see this one through. It’s so long since he played, I’ve forgotten what an effect Lennon has on our balance and ability to break through. Almost forgotten, that is. Bale on one flank, Lenny on the other. A mouthwatering prospect. What a time this is to be a Spurs fan.

11 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. Yes. It’s time to take whatever chances we’re given or create. Defoe, Pav and Crouch need to wake the fuck up. All three aren’t half as a good as they and others believe. We’re going to need one or two better strikers, but that’s for another time. 3 points, then we march on to Wastelands.


  2. Great bit of observation Alan. I too like the sound of this silence that has decended over WHL since last weekend. It sounds like a serious boxer not rising to any name calling. Not a word. Not a comment from the players or Harry. It feels comfortable. Mancini and Rafa have made statements about fourth place and Rafa’s has already come home to haunt him. Mancini made the same boast two weeks ago and we await the showdown up there next week. But the silence coming out of WHL is the best silence I have heard from there in years.


    • I have to say that whilst I’ve been calm this week, I’m in a right state after writing this! As abe says, only another 223 hours of stress to go…

      Cheers, Al


  3. Great article, I trust redknap completely. If, god forbid, we dont get fourth, I hope no one gets on his back. Were better then we ever have been thanks to Harry, stability is needed


  4. I’ve decided to relax and enjoy it all outside of the matches themselves at least. I am going to Scarborough Fair, the sound of silence from Spurs is a welcome bridge over troubled water, che pasa condor? Bolton and Burnely are the Bookends to the City game which will show the world that that Spurs are The Boxer, A Rock, the only living team in the premiership, Homeward Bound…


  5. Silence is golden…. absolutely what a perfect way to build up to another must win game, like the panther that is stalking its prey…. not a sound, that is until 3pm on Saturday afternoon at the lane when the noise levels must be as they have never been before every single spurs fan to sing at the top of their voices ( that includes you lot in the west stand ! )And as for the team lets have another performance like the last two home games but this time against lesser opposition, I’ml not saying it will be easy as Bolton never are but we have the class to take all the points.Like the panther that closes for the kill, we are that panther and Bolton is the kill.
    COYS !!!!


  6. I would be confident of winning all our remaining games and if i had not discovered energy cheating and i would have put my house on us finishing fourth. But Fulham are a fine example of what goes on at half time in this year of shocks both in Football and in both Rugby codes. The hair dryer and boot throwing has ceased and managers just let the medical staff sort the energy out and he just tells them to win simple .Trying to police drugs in the premier league is like trying to stop illegal immigration . I swear i could have won money on Teams i new where using this method of playing but my love for Spurs would mean i profited from us losing no one believed me and still don’t and this could be because my concerns are outdated and cheating is a form of winning . This is evident in our children and grandchildren cheating on games by learning how to cheat and is just one of the ways we are letting our kids down .Let me say this in defense of our sports persons the pressure to win is dictated by the rewards of Failure managers there job players a loss of money . In my defense in Highlighting this cheating its not just the rewards of cheats winning that fueled me to ridicule myself on these blogs but someone close to me using the same drug to lose weight is now in bad health through diabetes caused by this substance plus using energy drinks to stop cramps and like Nani and Evra from being sick and nearly Fainting .So this is why Bolton Burnley will be just has hard has Wolves and Sunderland Stoke games . One other point not all mangers no this energy abuse is going on and Rafa bragging about finishing fourth is based on his teams work rate until i start ranting about Energy cheats and performances drop and shocks happen. The City goalkeeper incident is worse for us because he is Ex Spurs and Portsmouth and Sunderland can testify to ex players playing way above there Spurs form. We can win if more people question why players look ill and in Nanies case near to a dangerous level of physical collapse if my rant is wrong then so is UK sport for agreeing with me and telling me its rife. The drug testing results in four years in the premier League is two Mutu by is own Manger Moreno and Shaun Newton West Ham in the semis when they got to Wembley both on Cocaine. There has always bean players cheating but what has angered me is whole teams cheating the sad thing is for Short term Glory it could and does mean a short term life .I hope and pray we win these games because if we where using this drug then Wolves would not have done the double and i can tell from watching Spurs its class and paying a good price for our team not energized two to five million pound energized players I wish with all my heart i could watch my team for a whole game but the half time dressing room prevents me from doing this because of what i no and Utd game got shut of because i new we would be overrun and defeated like at Liverpool. coys win 4th and shut me up for good


  7. Rumorman energy is not everything.. Natural abilty and technique are what 99% of the time win games.. I’m sure what you imply goes on in the Premiership but giving someone like Theo Walcott A couple of ephedrine at half time isn’t gonna improve his woeful first touch and crossing..


  8. You have your finger on the pulse as usual Alan.
    ‘Nurse there’s no pulse’
    ‘Relax he’s in the zone’
    The dam might just break and we could score several.
    I think that’s vague enough.
    Just win it Tottenham. You know it makes sense.
    What’s happened to Walker if Harry doesn’t trust Kaboul?


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