We Don’t Need Another Hero – No to Beckham.

David Beckham’s mooted loan move to Spurs would be an unwanted and unnecessary distraction from the core task at N17 OAP, the continuing development of this team into a top quality team.

Recent stellar individual performances from, amongst others, Bale, Van der Vaart, Gallas against Arsenal and the wonderful Modric, have all been founded upon a granite bedrock of team work. At last we have a consistent shape and balance that brings out the very best in our squad. This is Harry’s great strength, to understand what players can do, then ask them to do their job in a formation that suits them. Beckham’s arrival would be an entirely unwarranted interruption to the process of team-building. It’s taken long enough to get here and there’s lots still to be done, so anything that gets in the way could be downright catastrophic.

Our David is a cracking player but will add little to our attacking, pacy football. Defences no longer tremble at the sight of Becks in a wide position, but the full-backs are quaking in their boots when Lennon and Bale are on the ball. Also, I question his stamina to work up and down the line, even for half an hour at a time. That’s a requirement for any midfielder in the Premier League.

Also, one of the principles of our particular chosen developmental route is the enabling of players to grow and mature together. Bale, Lennon, Dawson, Modric, Assou-Ekotto, lynchpins of the team who have grown into that role in navy blue and white. Granted Gallas has been brought in to perform specific duties at the back and VDV is an established star, but Becks, sadly, is on his way down and in the two months loan that is being proposed will not add anything significant.

Talking of loans, who exactly is this for? Spurs – or more for Beckham to achieve match fitness? Whoever arrives at Spurs, the club and the club’s needs come first and I remain unconvinced that this is the case. Tottenham have outgrown the need to sign David Beckham.

I’ve reached this far and not even mentioned the media circus that will religiously chronicle his every breath. The club and the other players will be reduced to a pantomime chorus, albeit one where Harry will make a fine dame alongside Jordan and Bond as the Ugly Sisters. To repeat, a distraction that we do not need in any way, shape or form.

David Beckham will always carry my unstinting admiration for his achievements as a player. The derision and abuse that he received after his World Cup sending off rivalled that meted out to Joey Barton. Yet he won over fans from all over the country through the sheer force of his football. Carrying himself with dignity and purpose, he just played so well, so often, culminating in the match against Greece at Old Trafford where not only did he have the presence to convert an astonishing free kick under mind-boggling pressure, he also appeared prepared to take on the opposition single-handed if need be.

However, any advantage of being a role model and all-round Good Bloke will be massively outweighed by harmful effects on the team and the distraction of having a cultural icon in the changing room, rather than another midfielder. He’ll cost a fortune and we could get better value elsewhere.

It’s been suggested that he could be a useful coach, but he has no experience whatsoever of coaching top quality players. The English game is held back by the notion that good players will display the same qualities as coaches as they did on the pitch, and can do so with little preparation.

So a resounding ‘no’ to David Beckham at the Lane, and while I’m at it, no to any player who thinks they can piggyback onto our run of success. In the window we need men with ambition and commitment, able to actively contribute to our growth and development.

Harry was saying something the other day about the chairman being keener than he is to spend money. I didn’t catch all of it, but I sincerely hope that it was one of Harry’s flippant off the cuff gags for effect. However, you can often gain more of an insight into Harry’s thoughts through these asides that in the main platitudinous body of his press conferences. Harry’s spending excesses have been expertly kept under control by Levy – now it may be the other way around.

Slightly negative way to end the year. Don’t mean to be – the last few months have been breathtakingly wonderful. I hope you’ve been as transfixed by it all as I have.

Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks to everyone who’s dropped in and especially to all those of you who have kindly taken the time and trouble to make a comment. Here’s to style and glory in 2011.

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22 thoughts on “We Don’t Need Another Hero – No to Beckham.

  1. The commercial aspect of getting Beckham would be massive. Whos the most well known club in america? La Galaxy. If we got Beckham, all over asia and america our name would be remembered just like LA Galaxy’s is over here, Ive actually seen la Galaxy shirts sold in england, and I bet they fly off the shelves in asia. I know it seems silly that one player could do so much to change a clubs image but it would be a massive coup for Spurs. Although we already are a massively supported team worldwide, this would take us to the next level. Arsenal and Chelsea have africa, United have Asai and america, we need to tap into that market, and byt taking on beckham for a few games and sub apperances we will help the future of our club imo!


  2. The post above just about sums up the only reason for getting him has nothing to do with team improvement, merely shirt sales and exposure. We’re on the precipice of greatness and this would be potentially unhinged by adding this has been to our ranks. If we do well in both the domestic and European comps, we’ll have more than enough world wide media interest by getting it right on the field of play, if we really need to get in… win silverware but dont loan slow over rated has-beens!


  3. What about playing David in centre midfield as part of a 5 man midfield? It would enable us to give Luka / VDV a rest occasionally

    Imagine DB’s passing to the likes of Bale and Lennon

    You say he isn’t mobile, well the Huddler isn’t exactly quick

    The way Becks carries himself would be a massive learning curve for all Spurs players, especially the younger ones who i’m sure idolised him when he played for England, he’s such a professional

    He can even teach Lennon to cross properly!!!

    I’ve not even got onto the commercial aspects yet and him raising the global profile of the club yet even higher

    For me, David coming and playing a few games over a 2 month spell is a no-brainer, I bet his wages will be lower than a lot of people think, especially if he wants to come to us

    Am all over it


  4. Beckham would be an ideal player to have while Huddlestone is out injured.

    He could sit deep and find the likes of Bale and Lennon with his passing ability to set up our counter attacks.

    He’s never been afraid of hard work, tracking back and putting a tackle in.

    The MLS isn’t a bad standard these days and the pace of the game there is fairly quick, so Beckham won’t need much time to acclimatise.

    However, if this move is indeed going to happen he will need to sign as soon as the window opens and get down to some serious work on the training pitch.

    If it happens, great, if he goes somewhere else then we still have the squad to challenge this season.

    It’d be somewhat of a coup for the club, the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion.


  5. you my friend are an idiot!

    He is “commitment and ambition”.

    He leads by example.

    To suggest anything other than his arrival in the dressing room would be a positive is ignorant.

    I’m pretty sure goalies and defences will be quaking in their boots in the last 10 of a tight game when their facing a beckham corner or free kick… or he’s just about to fire over a cross to our new star centre forward… or pinging a cross field ball to the feet of a flying Welshman!

    In what world would the signing of David Beckham have a negative impact to the team spirit, squad or club? I’m struggling to see it mate.


    • There are pros and cons, and in my view the latter outweigh the former, in terms of what happens on and off the pitch. As I said, he’s a great role model but we already have a fine team spirit, improving players.

      The piggy back comment was directed less at Beckham (although I still there’s more in it for him than us) and more at the endless players no doubt being touted by agents. If we can get that new star centre forward you mentioned, fine!

      And then there’s the question of how good he is, how fit he is and how motivated he is. Frankly, I question if he is good enough to play regularly, even for less than 90 minutes, in centre midfield when he’s never done well in that position to extended periods.

      Finally, I’m very upbeat this afternoon so I do want to repeat – Beckham has my undying admiration, a great footballer. Is, or was? Maybe we’ll be able to judge at first hand in a month or two, but I’d prefer a focus on that flying star centre forward you mentioned.




  6. Good article and well reasoned. I do agree with you to an extent but I think on balance Beckham would be great for us. Allow me to explain.

    Beckham has experience by the bucketload. He is a winner, he has played in huge teams, is well respected within the game, and I think he could have a very positive impact on the team.

    The impact of Van der Vaart and his winning attitude has been clear to see, and I think the addition of Beckham could have a similar result. We need to instill that ‘big club’ mentality.

    As mentioned above, he could play in a Huddlestone-type position, distributing balls. Am I crazy to think he might even be able to play right back? I think that could be the position for him in this current team.

    My concerns are mainly the posse that goes along with Brand Beckham. Such interference would not be welcome at all and it is for this reason I won’t be heartbroken if we don’t get him.

    Arguments that we should get him for commercial reasons don’t work for me. We don’t need him for promotion, the football does that. Highest scoring team in the most prestigious competition in the world does that for us. Also, would punters really go for a spurs shirt just because he was on loan for a couple of months? Not sure about that.

    In conclusion: the man yes, the brand no.


  7. And we’ve really struggled without Huddlestone (i), what planet are some of you guys on?. The games far more about team work than individuals and introducing Beckham to a unified squad of committed players is plain madness in those terms alone.
    What message does that send out to those who’ve worked their backsides off to get where we are? Short term stupidity and a completely pointless loan deal, unwarranted and un-necessary!


    • Nice work. But you have succeeded in reminding me what a dirge the original is. Should have stuck to the series ofcooler song titles as in early season.Oh come on, you noticed,didn’t you…


  8. Spirited debate, but for once I’m glad it’s stopped.Shows that people haven’t got anything better to do on NYE than read a Spurs blog…



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  10. Happy New Year! A new year, and the first thing on my mind is of course spurs!

    Right, 11:30 Jenas is on football focus.

    Looks like the Beckham thing is looking increasingly likely and I’m feeling a bit nervous. Alan, you’ve worried me with your talk of Becks unsettling the team. But I keep telling myself:

    – A genuine professional: you know he’s going to be training 100%, great influence on the younger players, and as for the more established ones, they can take care of themselves and I’m sure won’t feel worried (I hope).

    – It’s only for a couple of months and I don’t think Harry is the kind of guy to play him just for the sake of it.

    – More competitions, more quality needed, can’t be bad?

    – Cummon, he’s gonna bring that feel-good vibe to the dressing room! Did you see him presenting the World Cup bid? That passion! What about sports personality? Hey, everybody loves David, how could he upset things?……

    So cummon boys, let’s get behind golden balls!

    (Hey, I hear Ronaldinho is available too…….yeah one step too far, sorry)


    NO NO NO


    Regards Bernie Cockeral suporter for 60 Years


  12. Its all about personality, not to say celebrity and very little to do with football.
    A massive diversion from our current, bonded achieving team.
    We don’t need the publicity or Beckham’s prestige, we already have it by our performances in the Champions’ League.
    Nice fella considering, good player IN HIS Time, and that’s the point.
    He won’t make the team, certainly not in central midfield, and two months is too short to achieve anything.


  13. It looks like Arry Redknapp was was agreeing and helping to get Becks for some time reading in between the lines”

    Perhaps money talks why did Arry want this man so bad there is a stink somewhere”

    It sure looks like a DONE DEAL you cant say that Arry was not aware of Becks family arriving here and the Kids all ready had their places in School

    I suggest something dodgy is in the air
    I recon the other Spurs players are annoyed why should they not be I think this is a turning point in Arrys venture I think he will pay for this big mistake I really cant understand the real reason at all THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT IN THE END

    Good bye Spurs I never thought it would end like this

    It has to be money money money money

    Spurs have now lost my support



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