TOMM Takes A Break For a Week

Family stuff and that, so rather than bodge a post or two, I’ll pause for breath, back this time next week, with the mouthwatering prospect of the north London derby. So many of their fans on the phone-ins expressing their dread at this fixture. Mmmm.

Plenty of the good stuff in the pipeline, including a revised and expanded version of my piece on Spurs and the riots that’s in this month’s When Saturday Comes magazine and an interview with legendary Spurs author Martin Cloake on Danny Blanchflower.



3 thoughts on “TOMM Takes A Break For a Week

  1. Tottenham on my mind is a true saying because there is not a day or an hour or even less near match days more like every second is the norm in my mind and my house.. Sometimes i wish it wasn’t like that but since we got into fourth my nerves have got worse on match days and the days before . We are getting stronger with every Ufa and Cup game with our youngsters showing some good promise the one downer for me is Harry playing the dreaded 4411 it is a nervy system and does not create enough chances and the states show this and i cant understand why Harry cant see the same states these three mean we don’t have too hang on or rely on a sending off Lennon Huddelstone Defoe yet Harry said this is near my best team.. If he thinks that we are in for a nervy few weeks this team overpassed in the second half and spent too much time playing keep ball Hudlestone would have launched Lennon or Bale behind the defense with one pass not twenty, Lennon would have helped to keep Moses quite by helping Walker. We could have draw this game and this is what we did last season with one upfront lets hope Defoe was really ill and not pushed out for Van because second half energey boost will stop 4411 from working and this was what Wigan did and so will others we escaped just in a game we should have won easy 442 or Ady will suffer blanks with Defoe we will put games to bed and then we can pass pass pass Coys.


  2. I’m looking forward to hearing your perspectives on the recent riots Alan, and I will look out for a copy of wsc. I currently work for a charity that supports offenders, I also have past experience through uni of research into riots in the uk, and I’m about to undertake my masters part-time in criminology, and with spurs and family links to the tottenham area; I’m very, very interested in gaining an understanding on what went on.

    Already bricking it over sunday- as is customary when we play them, i’m always too nervous to enjoy the game, even if I do have a good feeling about it! coys.


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