Lloris and Eriksen Play Them On Their Own

If Spurs’ scabby season is remembered for anything, it will be for the anger and despondency generated as raised expectations were crushed by profligate ineptitude. Its symbolic moment, the peg on which we can hang our memories, took place yesterday just before half time.

Stewart Downing’s free kick was heading plumb for the centre of Tottenham’s wall. Paulinho and Adebayor moved out of the way and the Whammers had won the match. When it came to it, two of our most experienced players avoided their responsibilities. It wasn’t a powerful shot. All they had to do was stand there but they couldn’t even be bothered to do that. Any semblance of organisation fell apart at the slightest pressure.

As he left the field a minute or so later, Hugo Lloris shook his head slowly and puffed out his cheeks. Paulinho and Adebayor’s instinctive reaction was to turn their backs on their ball and in so doing on their team-mates.  They had let him and their team-mates down. You may be playing well or badly, in our case very badly, but you stick together. Apparently not at Tottenham Hotspur.

The impact on Hugo was greater than on any other Spurs player. Leading from the back, he was outstanding throughout, giving his all in a game that to most of his colleagues appeared meaningless, judging by their lack of effort or application. He threw himself to all four corners of his net and of his area, fingertipping low shots round the post, holding the straight ones and fearlessly venturing into the muscle and elbows of a packed penalty box to punch the danger away. If he is planning to leave it didn’t show but frankly after this, who can blame him.

The turning point was Kaboul’s dismissal on 25 minutes. After a sedate opening when Spurs played some decent football, it all fell apart when the centre half pulled Downing down as he rushed towards our box. Last man so was gone. Personally I would have backed Hugo against Downing so Kaboul was at best clumsy, reckless more like. Lloris saved Carroll’s thundering free-kick, of course he did, but Carroll headed in from the resultant corner via a deflection off the top of Harry Kane’s head.

In a season where we’ve seen some rubbish, Spurs formed a rabble and stank the place out to high heaven. Having no idea is bad enough, they had no inclination to do anything about it. Paulinho, such a disappointment, sauntered around. I swear he kept looking at his watch to see how long he had to put up with it, or maybe he was checking the times of the planes to Rio. He certainly wasn’t interested in playing for Tottenham. Dawson tried his best, Siggy was in headless chicken mode and Eriksen tried to make sense of how professionals could play this poorly. I couldn’t work it out and neither could he, but at least he did something about it. Otherwise, I would rather be locked in a broomcupboard with Piers Morgan, John Terry and a box of two-week old rotting fish than watch this.

In contrast, Wham were totally committed. I’ve seen them a lot this season and despite their muscular approach they can be vulnerable. Instead, they were first to every tackle and loose ball, although they didn’t have to work that hard because we gave the ball away so frequently. Bear in mind they have had their troubles too, with the added pressure of being sucked into the relegation places, yet they took on their challenge rather than run away from it as we did.

Sherwood’s half-time talk had a marginally beneficial effect although it’s hard to imagine how we could have played any worse. He moved us more centrally, sacrificing width for more bodies in the middle. Lennon stayed busy. Eriksen stood out with hard work and a couple of superb runs but his skills provoked a feeble response from the rest. He was excellent, while Lloris continued to excel too. 10 v 11 is hard enough but this was 2 v 11.

Couple more things to make you feel even worse, if that’s possible. Carroll is Wham’s dangerman. Kaboul was marking him at set-pieces. When he was sent off, Spurs failed to react quickly enough. Kane seemed to be marking him for the corner that followed the free-kick. That was a mistake that led to the goal. Daws tried to get to him but too late. It was always a mis-match. No one on the field or on the bench reacted quickly enough. There was time to bring Chiriches on after the free-kick but before the corner. Sherwood was too slow and by such margins games are won and lost.

And then there’s Danny Rose. While the focus was on Kaboul’s foul, moments before Spurs’ back line pushed right up to the halfway line. As Downing ran through, Rose let him go. Before Downing’s free-kick, Rose gave the ball away when under little pressure in his own half, misdirecting a simple pass. Inexcusable on both counts.

On Friday I questioned the emotional commitment of the current squad. I doubt that playing for Spurs means as much as it should, therefore when it comes to giving that little extra, they are found wanting and that the way forward is to build regular, personal links between supporters and players so they understand the heritage and meaning of being Spurs.

This game exposed the yawning chasm between fan and player. This may be the end of the season but it’s a derby, it means something. Because of this, the fans give more but most of the players couldn’t give a hoot. The supporters who went not only paid a lot of money but took some massive stick. That’s what happens at a derby. The players could at least give something back. Disgraceful. No wonder we get angry.

It comes from the top. Levy’s appointment of a caretaker signalled that we had limited ambitions for this season but this blog has effectively been about that dereliction of duty and nothing else for the past few months so no more about it now. A few paragraphs above, without thinking about it, I wrote ‘they’ not ‘we’ when talking about the club. Slip of the keyboard maybe but it’s a small but telling example of how many supporters feel about the current situation. We’re not all in this together.




41 thoughts on “Lloris and Eriksen Play Them On Their Own

  1. The defining statistic of our season is that we sacked a manager with a 55% win ratio and 20% loss ratio for a man who has a 48% win ratio and a 37% loss ratio. THIRTY SEVEN PERCENT of his games have resulted in LOSSES. Thats the worse since Glenn Hoddle!!!

    I get that the football under AVB was boring, but its not ‘better quality’ under Sherwood, just chaotic.


    • I don’t think stats give the true picture of how well we have played under Sherwood. A win’s a win, I’m pleased, but just watch the games – we have not played consistently well and some of our football has been as dire as I call recall in the past decade.




    • You have included cup games in those stats, which we were 2/3rds of the way through when Tim started managing, so they shouldn’t be counted when comparing Tim and AVB. Going just on Premier league the stats are Tim – 57% win – 14% draw – 29% loss, AVB – 54% win – 22% draw – 24% loss, (there’s not a lot of difference), and that doesn’t take into account injuries of which we’ve had dozens this season. Stats don’t tell much of the story .


  2. Loris should be made Team Captain, Dawson makes too many mistakes and is too slow himself to motivate and berates his team-mates when they let the side down. Give Hugo the captain armband and let him roar at this team of chickens, 5 year old schoolboys would not have moved out of the way of that free-kick. Paulinho and Adebayor should be sent to a rugby training camp or military boot camp to take the flowers out of their hair, two right pansies. Make them part of the clear out and pack their bags along with Tim’s. This season can’t be over quick enough but who is the board going to get that can put pride and spirit back into this team and play the footbal that we as Spurs fans know, love and deserve. I have been a fan from 1961 and never felt as angry as this during all my time as a Spurs fan.



    • Many old-timers feel the same way, Derrick, you’re not alone. Supporters have the pride but the yawning divide between us and them, the players, manager and chairman, is epitomised by their lack of commitment, from top to bottom, although I hear the tealady is still doing her stuff. Wonder if they have tealadies these days? Anyway, no excuse for professionals to offer as little as Paulinho has. Manu at least has had half a decent season. Their heads are like our defence, all over the place.

      Cheers, Alan


  3. When Levy appointed Sherwood he effective wrote off the remainder of the season which was tough on those of us who had already paid to watch it.

    Adebayor reverted to type a few matches ago and no longer cares, indeed seemed to want to lose yesterday.

    Lloris will be off and who can blame him.


  4. Enough is enough. Sherwood in or out? Make a decision. Disappointing season only a few good things out of it Eriksen for one. And some really good performances from Lloris but in saying that should not bad mouth team , no matter how bad they are playing.


    • One game to go and I think Levy made his decision when he first appointed him. Sherwood’s last match is next Sunday – the problem is, on past form Levy has no idea who to pick to replace him, and that’s the worst thing of all.

      Best, Alan


  5. we have so many needs for next season, but priority must be buying a new left back who can actually defend

    without walker, we have without doubt the 2 worst full backs in the premiership

    how many times this season has rose been guilty of mistakes leading silly goals?? (off the top of my head: yesterday, norwich, arsenal..) – push up to near the halfway line, beaten by the opposition winger, cross, goal!

    our 2 centre backs are constantly trying to cover for our full back, and yesterday rose was taken apart by downing….downing ffs!!


    • Rose has been awful, especially in the way he gives the ball away in dangerous positions and he seldom tucks in tight next to his centre half. To be fair to him and the others, our system, such as it is, under Sherwood offers no protection to the back four so they are always under pressure.

      Regards, Alan


  6. “The supporters who went not only paid a lot of money but took some massive stick. ”
    And yet it’s a “supporter” who never goes that’s all upset about it.

    “Levy’s appointment of a caretaker signalled that we had limited ambitions for this season ” – on the contrary it signalled that anybody was better than the current encumbent and that whatever ambitions we had weren’t going to be met. Annnd..Sherwood may prove to be a caretaker, but caretakers don’t get 18 month contracts.


    • I’m not sure what your point is as like me Alan is a season ticket holder, so is more than entitled to make representation to those who pay good money to see their team under perform and take stick from the opposition fans.

      I don’t know if Alan was there yesterday, but if you’re suggesting he shouldn’t write about it, then maybe you shouldn’t bother reading it. I also take it that from what you’ve written both today and in the past, you are more than happy with proceedings at the club, in which case I would suggest that you are a badly disguised Woolwich fan who’s posting on the wrong blog?


    • I have said from the beginning that Levy had no intention of appointing Sherwood for longer than the end of the season, and everyone knew that – players, board and Sherwood himself. The job gave him a chance so he took it, who can blame him for that. No manager has ‘caretaker’ on his contract. 18 months means the payoff when he goes is comparitively low. By all accounts Tim said he would not accept anything less and wanted 2 or 3 years, again can’t blame him for putting pressure on Levy.

      Cheers, Alan


  7. I do find it hard to understand players doing what Kaboul did so early in the game. So many do, rather than let the opponent take his chances with the keeper. 1-0 down (with 11 men still) was the worst case scenario with 70mins to go ? When you factor in Downing vs Lloris, as Alan says, well worth the risk imo.

    That we look like being 6th at the season’s end is a damning indictment of the quality of the premier league.


    • Panic or clumsiness? Downing cleverly came across him and Kaboul fell for it. either way, shows he wasn’t anywhere near the top of his game.

      Was thinking the same re the quality of the league. Some teams have not taken advantage of our poor form. So odd that we could be talking about a record points tally.

      Best, Alan


  8. What a fantastic account. Sadly it is entirely accurate. Loved the comment about preferring to be locked in a cupboard with John Terry and rotting fish. Not sure I’d be able to tell the difference but there you go.

    There is a Vine doing the rounds on Twitter showing Ade’s reaction as the ball shoots through the wall into our goal. It is excruciating to watch and sums up what someone who earns £200,000+ a week feels about our beloved club.

    But Hugo was immense yesterday. I felt sad watching him play. He is so good and so committed to the team but at the moment he is too good for us. He cares too much. If he stays, and we don’t deserve that, but if he does then I hope he is made captain and given Ade’s salary. But if, like Gareth Bale, he goes to play for a team that might win let alone compete in the Champions League then, also like Gareth Bale, I wish him well. Thank you Hugo. You are a great goalkeeper and have more integrity in your discarded gloves than most of the rest of our squad and directors.

    I’ve heard Martin Chivers say that before a derby game against A****** Bill Nicholson used to tell the players that this one was for the fans. Same for games against this lot. Wham fans hate us with a passion that sometimes expresses itself in pretty vile terms. The fact that Tim and the team couldn’t get it going for the away fans if not for themselves show that they really couldn’t give a toss about our club.

    And who can blame them? The fish rots from the head down. Our season ended the day that AVB was sacked and we put TS on the touchline. Had we parachuted in a big name with plenty of experience then there was still all to play for. As usual the board of directors aimed low and their expectations were duly fulfilled. Now I know we don’t know the whole story and they probably did their best to get whoever and so on. But we should never have been in this position. If we didn’t have a big name lined up who could have had an immediate impact then we should have stuck with AVB.

    The future? David Moyes is apparently a serious candidate. The board have clearly approached FDB while TS is in post. FDB blabbed so we’ve cooled. In the space of a week we’ve gone from FDB saying he’d like to build something at THFC to saying he is happy to do another year at Ajax. So we’ll get Pochettino instead, a guy who won’t speak English in public at a time when the fanbase is completely alienated from the club. But Levy thinks his English is good enough for Tottenham. You couldn’t make it up.

    And we’ve been beaten six times by A****** and Wham this year. Disgraceful.

    My first full season at the Lane was the year we were relegated to the old Division 2. I wasn’t as angry then as I am now.


    • Thanks Russell, that’s fascinating.

      Teh rot began not so much with AVB’s sacking but sacking him without having identified a replacement. At least when we got relegated it felt as if there was hope and a plan for the future. Instead, what we know about Levy is that he will make mistakes when it comes to picking a manager. That’s his track record.

      Re the rumours, I tend not to pay much attention. Few clubs could hack off a potential candidate as crassly as Spurs did with De Boer. However, if he wants to come and we want him, i.e. will pay big bucks and he doesn’t get a better offer, it will be forgive and forget. I thought Levy would be attracted by Moyes, not what he offers but what Levy THINKS he offers, i.e. experienced, not demanding a huge transfer budget (working within a budget at Everton) and cheap (no transfer fee).

      Lloris hugely impressive as the season ends, both in the way he plays and the way he carries himself. Such a loss when he goes as he surely will.

      And in the end, the pain of the derby losses, not even close.

      Best, Alan


  9. Greetings Alan, as usual, you articulate what we’re feeling. Every time you think we can’t sink any lower, we do just that. Very hard to see Hugo or Vertonghen staying. To my mind, of the established players, aside from the aforementioned two, only Walker, Dembele, Eriksen, Holtby, Chiriches and Sandro are worth keeping. Of the rookies, Lamela, Kane and Bentaleb have potential. I’ve always loved Dawson, Lennon and Kaboul but feel there time at Spurs is up – sad to see how injury appears to have done for Younes. And then there’s Townsend. Notwithstanding his injuries, it’s hard to believe he could have had such a wretched season – not one single, solitary assist in the Prem! And yet he looks a world beater in an England shirt.
    It’s start from scratch time, hopefully with De Boer at the helm or, at the very least, someone with some gravitas who knows how to man manage and conduct himself appropriately. Best wishes governor.


  10. They disgust me. As the other bloke said, the incompetence is spreading from the top down. I’ve no doubt Lloris would have had a ‘no CL football’ get out clause in his contract and will make a lot of profit when he’s sold, exactly as our scumbag chairman planned. Just waiting for the “it was impossible to keep him” line on the last day of the window.


  11. Good article Alan, cheers. Really disappointing and when you think about it they were similarly disinterested at home to Liverpool for AVB’s last game. However bad a manager they think Sherwood is or indeed however bad he really is, they should still give it a go, they’re paid enough.
    All the best


  12. I have been saying for the past 2 months that Paulinho surely must go in the summer. When he came I was as excited as anyone. He looked cool and classy on the ball, and I thought we had a Brazilian gem. But no. He has very little going for him as far as our Tottenham are concerned. No positive or enthusiastic attitude, no leadership ability, no inspirational traits, no pace, no imagination in terms of creativity or playmaking, poor tackling and pressing abilities, no defensive midfield skills. Box to box midfielder? NO ..box to box stroller, while the game mainly passes him by!
    Let’s get what money we can for this man, and add Sig and Chadli to the list. Not because the latter players don’t have heart, but because they too are not capable of fitting into the system(s) we need to be playing. What we undoubtedly need this summer, on the back of those 3 sales, are a top pacy left winger (because I’ve realised that Townsend and Lennon can’t play on both flanks for the ultimate balance of our team, rather they need to fight it out together for the right wing spot), a left back to challenge Rose, and another playmaker to complement Eriksen.
    If we can add those three important slot-ins then the next problem is to work on the mentality of the whole squad, which is the worst I’ve seen for many years (the mentality, not the squad)! Tim is not really capable of that. He’s already gone off on so many tangents, and burnt his bridges ..he’s like the kid who knows he’s going to be expelled from school, so ensures he goes having caused more havoc along the way. Perhaps someone else can genuinely bring out the best (re form and attitude) in the likes of Verts and Lamela, and get the squad back to some sense of being all for one and one for all.
    We have some fine players throughout, but we need them to not only play in their BEST positions, but increase their desire to go to hell and back for the club and its fans.
    Some may argue we need another striker, but if we can (finally after two wasted seasons) get our balance right on the flanks (with people in their proper positions ie two pacy full backs, and two pacy wingers who can cross) and creatively in the middle of the final third, then ANY of our three forwards will benefit. I know Ade did the jumping out of the way thing, as Paulinho did, but remember that the man’s a striker who’s at least found his heart and desire again, even though he needs to be continually encouraged. Without comparing him to the great Jimmy Greaves, could you even imagine Jimmy STANDING in a wall? I don’t think so. Soldado will get more service next year, as will Kane and Ade, IF we only do the above.
    Re the defense, let’s keep the pressure off them next year by scoring more. Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but it’s true.
    With a hopefully renewed Verts, plus Daws’ influence and heart finally rubbing off on some of the others, they and Kaboul and Chiriches might have a more fulfilling season. We need Walker to be injury free as much as possible, although I’ve changed my mind a bit re Naughton. He hasn’t been poor cover for Walker, and we’re unlikely to find someone who’s better yet merely willing to only cover for the England defender. Whoever we bring in at left back, hopefully they’ll be fully competing with Rose for that spot, although I still feel Rose’s pace (as with Walker) in a balanced side could be vital for us. Both full backs need to improve their defensive skills, but you can’t have everything. Sandro and Capoue can compete for the DM role ..and we only need one DM per game, doing what good DMs do (as Parker did when playing with Modric and our balanced wingplay in that fine creative and pacy side we had just over two seasons ago).
    And finally, no more playing people out of their position. No Eriksen on the wing, no Verts or Naughton at left back unless totally necessary. We CAN do this next season, and with these players …but let’s ensure we get away from the Frankenstein lumbering monster of a team we had under AVB, with all those strong but unimaginative and slow midfielders being bypassed at will by the opposition, and the slightly headless chicken ideals of Tim (eg the man who played an 18 year old kid consistently for hugely important games, then rested him when it no longer mattered; er, surely that should have been the other way around).


    • Excellent stuff Chris; all good points well made. Though I’d like to see a properly threatening striker brought in – Lukaku would do nicely; speculation about a deal with Chelski involving Paulinho is music to the ears.


    • Chris excellent.
      Its really not rocket science (as AVB have us think) or Freedom without restraint (as Sherwood plays the game) but solid common sense in every aspect of the game. It sounds simple and easy but there is a premium on those that can have that along with a discipline that can work in this league.
      Its a shame we all being Spurs supporters have to suffer this turnoil time and time again due to the mediocre management of football matters by the chairman. (As a money man he is my pick for the Accountant of the Year and should be held shoulder high in the City of London)


  13. You are SO right Alan; my thoughts and gut feelings entirely. Another capitulation, and this time TS seemed complicit in the rubbish being served up, with questionable team selection and structuring. Do we really play Kane as 2nd striker against an Allardyce side sure to be up for a scrap, with our misfiring 2-man midfield? How is Paulinho keeping Bentaleb out of the side, never mind Sandro?
    Watched MotD later – saw Barkley and Deulofeo showing the kind of class we can only dream of at the moment, apart from Christian Eriksen… 6th position flatters us.
    Another thought prompted by MotD: Gus Poyet could be in with a shout to be the next one to down the poisoned chalice at WHL.


  14. Rotting fish is a delicacy over here Alan, it’s called surströmming.
    It’s expensive but leaves a bad taste in the mouth, I’ll let you draw your own analogies.
    Did Kaboul get red carded on purpose?
    Is there any reason for Lloris and Eriksen not to try and force moves away?
    This isn’t the first disappointing season at Spurs, there’s hardly a legacy of success.
    But I’m supporting a lillywhite shirt and memories at the moment, and having read and listened to others, it would seem that I’m not alone.


  15. Alan the ‘We’ can easily slide into ‘They’ just like it can for the players and the club.Those two players yesterday were thinking ‘the y’ rather than ‘We’ because ‘We’ offers a much bigger belief.It says we are all in it together and I want to fight with you together. ‘We’ will stop at nothing.
    Thats the thinking of winning clubs.
    ‘We’ is not the language of the tweets we heard against AVB or the lacksidasical attitude to the Free Kick.It shows lack of belief.
    Not sure who has belief in Tottenham at the moment.
    Not the players for sure as their body languages show.
    Can ‘we’ believe in Levy?
    Can Joe believe in Levy?

    The brand has been producing damaged goods for a while now.

    Can ‘they’ keep their clients happy?

    Its not too late ,but making profit is not good enough,you also have to have a viable plan for the future.


  16. Hi Alan,

    Moses would have been proud at the way the wall parted yesterday to allow what was a very poor free kick from Downing fly though into the net. Almost caps our season for poor defending, but there is still one more game to come.

    I would like everyone to spare a thought here for Bristol Rovers who went out of the Football League yesterday. I still remember with a warm glow that wonderful 9-0 drubbing we gave them when we were down in Division two. Gave everybody who was at the Lane that day a wonderful lift and real hope we would get straight back up. Was a bit rocky at times that season, but the team prevailed in the end. At least I can smile at them!


  17. Well written and unfortunately all true. Let’s hope Levy can handle the most important piece of business very early on and that is bringing in a manager who has the experience, the gravitas, and most importantly the winning mentality and who can command the respect of the players and who can forge them into a team that fights for the white shirt and plays with professionalism and with pride. I would much rather have a Spurs team that has half the talent we possess but that shows in each and every game the fight and the attitude of a winning team, even if it means we achieve a lower position in the table then to witness the gutless performances we have been served up time and again by this current batch all season long. The exceptions for me this season being Lloris who has been the only professional and winner on the team.
    As a fan who lives in the United States and hence does not have an opportunity to be at WHL against Aston Villa next week, may I make a suggestion to all Spurs supporters to please give Lloris a heartfelt showing of our appreciation by chanting his name throughout the game. it very much feels like this will be the last we see of him, as much as that pains me to say it, but let’s show him please how much we want him to stay and if that won’t be the case, then at least we will give him a proper sending off on May 11th.


  18. abysmal performance and our third loss to them this season.My thoughts watching the game were how many would it have been without Hugo.He put in a superb performance and showed up the others,Eriksen apart,as not giving a s##t.Our pedestrian approach was embarrasing and even though there was nothing on the game,it was a derby and wham wanted it much more.
    Whoever the new manager is,he will have his work cut out.Left back is a given,don’t even think Rose might be first choice.If Naughton wants out,give Fredericks the opportunity to understudy Walker.If Hugo goes and who could blame him,I think we could get any of at least 6 or 7 keepers from the Premiership.Marshall,McGregor,Stekelenberg,Schmeickel,Ruddy,Foster,Forster,even Mannoni or Fabianski with Stockdale,Butland,McCarthy or the lad from Forest as back up. Also we could go for Richards,Hangerland and Lescott maybe bring Caulker back.Two wide men another striker and a quality playmaker and shift on the deadwood.
    It would mean as many going as arriving,but this situation has to be addressed otherwise it will be more of the same next season.The thing is 6th.place is extremely flattering,a better indication of our position is the dismal goal difference.


  19. You have hit the nail completely on the head Alan, both in your previous blog and this one. Especially this quote: “the way forward is to build regular, personal links between supporters and players so they understand the heritage and meaning of being Spurs.” Yes, yes and yes. That’s it.
    Amidst the sense of drift and the disappointment of a season petering out which has encapsulated the last few months, one bright spark for me has been discovering your blog (and all the commenters on it too). A place where the passion of supporting Spurs is understood and articulated. Your efforts are much appreciated…
    Thanks Alan.


  20. People go on about win percentages and the top four but as a supporter the rivalries are important too. We’ve lost all three games against Arsenal and all three against West Ham. We got a point at home against Chelsea but they battered us in the return game. With all the negative feelings this season, just one win in one of these games would have at least given us something to cheer about.


  21. So true all that is said Alan, my feelings exactly.
    Fed up with this high line sh!t football, high up the pitch and leaving us on a continuous bases of being counter attacked , with us having to chase back after the player that has beaten the offside trap.
    For flips sake I wouldn’t mind if we had pep or Rodgers who play this high line well, but Tim at the helm , it’s asking for trouble.
    There is this greek restaurant that I go to and have seen Levy twice in there, next time, god help me I’m going to give him a piece of my mind. All this farce is Levy’s doing and if he were running the likes of M&S or some other big company, he would of been out the door ages ago.
    As for our players who had no fight or desire for the club and fans, shame on you.


  22. Alan,
    Great insight per usual.
    I have been continuously amazed and frankly confused by our year long ineptitude, I know that I have harped on this before but one really wonders what happens in training, in our “state of the art” facility. When I have watched other teams thoughtout the year it is overtly clear that they have a plan, they have worked and drilled to make it work, aka Liverpool, Southampton, even Stoke. I have to admit that our play in the final third has been beyond pathetic all year,and yesterday we never even seemed a threat to score against a keeper doing his best Marton Fulop impression. Where is the direction, obviously there is none, is it because Tim was always as dead man walking, it is because the backroom staff can’t manager ot just that the inmates are running the asylum probably abit of all these factors. What an offseason this shapes up to be, no manager, seven new players,atleast five to six of whom played poorly, never bedded in and some of whom looked disinterested. Pauhlino has been absolutely useless for the majority of the season, so disheartening considering the guy looked liked the MVP of the Confederations Cup. A few shallow glimpses of potential from some others, injuries and angst.
    Alan, I think this summer is really a critical moment in the Spurs recent history, the difference between moving in the direction of say Liverpool vs a slow slide further into mid and lower table mediocrity. Levy et al have to get this right , and needless to say after this year he isn’t fostering much confidence. I am sick of excuses, small ground, second rate managers etc, Spurs are traditional “big” team with a proud history, it’s time to move the dial forward, turn it up to eleven and regain or footing.


  23. It’s hard to say anything new really. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 25 years and this has been the most frustrating and disappointing of all of them. Other than Lloris, how can any of those players do a lap of honour after the last match of the season? How could they stand there and say I gave my best, week in week out?
    Great players don’t just have great technical skills, they have presence and pride. There’s been little of that this season.


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