Kane Back With A Bang As Spurs Win Well

Vying for top spot in the THFC assist tables is Artur Boruc, the 35 year old Bournemouth keeper who looks like a throwback to bygone years when goalies who were getting on a bit usually carried a surplus pound or two. He’s the gift that keeps on giving, neatly wrapping three of the five goals in an act of boundless generosity that led to a thumping Spurs away win yesterday.

It all started so badly. A cross from the left, Vertonghen and Rose apparently mesmerised and drawn underneath it, Eriksen failed to pick up his man and Bournemouth were ahead after 47 seconds.

Past Tottenham sides would have dug an even deeper hole for themselves. This one picked itself up, dusted itself down and got down to business. On the attack since the restart, 10 minutes later Kane was in the box but drifting to a tight angle. However, Boruc’s mind was made up. He hurtled from his line and clattered into the centre-forward who picked himself up and put the penalty away. Then he dropped a straightforward cross at Lamela’s feet 6 yards out – good to see that Erik was in the right place for the ball regardless of any error.

In between, nothing he could do about our second, Dembele seized on a loose ball quicker than a mass of defenders and drove powerfully into the box before tucking in a low shot from the edge of the box. More please Moose.

So after conceding a soft goal in the first minute, after 30 Spurs were 3 up with a decisive grip on the game. Despite this superiority, we never coasted, keeping up the high pressing and effortless counter-attacking that gave our opponents no respite. Eriksen’s pass from the left to set Kane up was pitch-perfect. Other chances were made by pressure on defenders high up the field.

Bournemouth’s attacking intent is admirable but they leave themselves very open in the centre and Spurs took full advantage. Given that extra space, Eriksen was rampant and irrepressible. The forward three of Dembele, Eriksen and Lamela had the freedom to circulate. The Dane was at his best cutting in from the left where it’s harder for defenders to pick him up. If he comes inside it leaves the flank exposed but the Cherries could not take advantage, although other, better teams will. His inswinging cross for our fourth was simply perfect, curling away from the centrebacks and onto Kane’s boot. As I’ve said before about Eriksen, not everything he does comes off but any doubts are outweighed by his vision and ability to create that no one else in the side possesses.

Boruc coaxed Alderweireld’s header from a corner, two-handed, gently, precisely,  right at Kane’s feet for our fifth and ‘arry’s ‘at-trick, and got away with a blatant tug at Harry’s foot to deprive him of a second penalty. A delight to see Kane back in the goals and happy again. He has never stopped working, never hidden for a moment and his play outside the box is several notches higher than last season’s. To take the chances, however straightforward, he had to be there. All the great strikers, right place right time. In a football world full of cynicism and jealousy, is there anyone anywhere who truly begrudges Kane his success? If ever there was a player that you want to do well, it’s Harry Kane.

We now know Dembele wasn’t injured but has spent 3 weeks in some sort of cryogenic regeneration tank, emerging transformed as a whirling midfield colossus. My goodness me he wants to play, doesn’t he. Finally. Carry on like this and we’ll give him a pass on all the ineffectual performances, the wasted talent. I heard this week that Martin Jol described him as the hardest to shake off the ball that he’s ever seen. Many times this blog has lamented his wasteful ways, plaintively pleading for someone in the club to be able to do something with that talent. I had almost given up: Pochettino didn’t and look at what we now have.

Alli and Dier good in the middle, Alli learning so fast, when to move up and when to hold back. Mason back as sub. Rose at fault for the first goal, later, after Kane’s second, Bournemouth lumped in a similar ball to the far post but Danny got there first. Wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.

Unbeaten since the first game of the season, three points after a lacklustre defeat in Belgium and I read we’ve taken 7 points from 9 in the games following Thursday nights in the EL. In truth it’s unlikely that we will have an easier time in the league this season but the progress continues.

12 thoughts on “Kane Back With A Bang As Spurs Win Well

  1. Didn’t see the game but did watch twitter, a bit like comparing Ade to Harry, no idea what is actually going on!
    So thanks, Phew! So pleasedthe melt down was quickly put out. Saw goals on utube and wondered if it was pay back Karma for Fulop, or some similar deal??


    • ‘Watching’ on twitter only works if you follow the right people in the first place. I’m sure 5-1 wasn’t good enough for many. Shame but I usually religiously avoid twitter during a game.

      Regards, Alan


  2. A bit too positive for me that write up Alan. Floods of responses after a significant defeat and subsequent crisis is what sells!! No-one can moan after a 5-1 away victory…….
    I’m delighted for Harry Kane, I hope this gets his confidence up and he can have a consistent return of goals this season, it’s great to have a new hero after Bale’ s departure. The fact he comes across as a nice lad is an extra bonus.
    What doesn’t kill you etc may prove very true of Harry’s difficult non scoring run, but the manner of defeat to Anderlecht may also be a blessing in disguise in the long term for the team. To come back with a 5-1 away win after such a complacent defeat really is very unTottenham-like & hopefully shows grit in adversary and a determination to right previous wrongs.
    I’m in danger of becoming confident such is my faith in this team, which is not familiar territory for a Spurs fan. Where we are placed in the League is perfect, just tucked in behind the leaders so avoiding the media hyperbole, and a run at the right time in the season could take us to the promised land.
    Great result, welcome goal scorers, entertainment, a chirpy write up, not much more to say. Great stuff again!

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    • Crisis does indeed sell, Danny, which is one reason why this place remains niche aka not that many read it! I prefer to stick with those who do, so thanks again for commenting. A win to enjoy and take the positives without getting carried away.

      Cheers, Alan


  3. A 5-1 win and yet I needed some silver linings.
    From the off it seemed more like a pantomime at the London Palladium. Pussys in Boots.
    Both slapstick and farce were in fine form plus wonderful choruses by the day excursion fans from N17.
    After seeing Bournemouth come into the league with gusto like Portsmouth and Southampton before them it seemed for a while that the rallying call might have bern ‘We will fight them from the beaches’. But like most little team that puffed themselves out when the air went out,there was little there.
    Tottenham for its part must have been very influenced by the home team when they came out,a least more inspired by them that the manager that always references an opponent as being ‘a very difficult team to play’
    Without a flow or a rythm the game was left to hodge podge itself into something coherent. As the first half went on we started to look better than they did almost by default and here and there we noticed something…some of our players as opposed to the opposition were making some things happen.
    We got some gifts and the rest as the say us forgettable.
    Some good play by Dembele,Alli and Eriksen,some solid work by Toby and Vert,the sureness of Lloris, and the resurgence of Kane back into the role of gunslinger stole the day. 5-1.
    You can enjoy any 5-1 win but it wadnt real quality on our part. Why we cant show up to the cup tie at Anderlecht or this one by the beaches with any kind of war mentality beats me.
    A gift on the coast. Its goid.But it isnt enriching. It doesnt give you confidence.
    I know Harry is back and for that Im grateful,I know Eriksen us getting more of a game,that Dembele is a solid player and Alli has a ton to give,but still we havent hit that stride yet. But it could come,it could come.


    • Nice profile pic Ron.

      Always enjoy the win but right to not get carried away. I do think there’s more to come though as you rightly say. Better opposition will really push us. Anderlecht showed that without a couple of players and full-on motivation (something you never get in EL group games regardless of whether it should or should not be the case) the team falls significantly short. Townsend not putting in the hard yards left us exposed.

      Cheers, Alan


  4. Lovely write up Alan. Thank you.

    Although I would prefer it if we didn’t go behind, this season I haven’t been too worried if we do. We have a certain grit these days which gets us through. Not just against teams like Bournemouth either – don’t forget Manchester City.

    Like all Spurs fans I am delighted for Harry Kane. He is such a good footballer and has real character – he hasn’t hidden through the dry-spell and, as you say Alan, contributes so much to the team that 30+ goals are a bonus.

    All things considered (e.g. not buying a striker, limitations in the transfer market because of the new stadium) we are doing well. Making decent progress and playing some lovely football.

    And I’d like to thank the comedy
    gods for Chelski. The gift that keeps on giving.


    • Great to hear Chelsea fans DEMANDING Jose goes because it is their right and theirs alone to be successful. How DARE he have 5 games that don’t go according to plan? 5 entire matches!!!

      Thanks Russ, I’m enjoying the season more than I thought I would.

      Regards, Alan


  5. It does seem that we live or die, game to game, by which Eriksen turns up. When he’s “on” he lifts the whole team to another level. But too often he disappears for long periods, such as the second half against Anderlecht. Chadli’s enforced absence means that Poch has to select a stiffer midfield by default. When Lamela and Chads play together they place too much of a burden on Eriksen. But things get better quickly when Moose or Mason step in and do their share of the spade work, allowing Eriksen to get up to mischief. I keep forgetting that he’s still young and learning – we should enjoy him while he’s still around. The “spine” is pure quality: Lloris; Verts and Aldy; Eriksen; and Kane. They are surrounded by hungry and aggressive ball winners. If Son builds on his early promise and we can get a ‘proper’ striker and a killer winger in January to share the load with Harry then we could be the cat amongst the pigeons. I feel and fear for Townsend, who doesn’t seem to get two games in a row to settle in.
    The icing on the cake this weekend was Yedlin’s showing for Sunderland against Newcastle. Now he’s had a run of games he’s started to look as if he belongs in the Prem. He was quietly effective and looked the part in an otherwise poor team.


    • For me Ive always expected more from Eriksen but lately to be honest he has been one of our best players.
      He isn’t heart and soul like Dier or even Dembele,who give blood every game. Eriksen seems to be moved along with the right circumstances. If its tight,he gets stifled,if its open, he breathes some creativity.But at least he does that.
      There are players like Alli that add greatly to the fluidity and theat helps and N’Jie and more so, Son have shown that this new pace drivenTottenham can open up defences before they park the bus. That helps Eriksen. He is talented for sure and really I would like to see a little more Silva in him. To drive the attack more and create more. Still I have been seeing more of that lately.


    • Thanks for the comment on Yedlin, didn’t see the match. Many have given up on him already, signed for marketting not playing, but he impressed me in the World Cup.

      Agree with your comments. Re Eriksen, I realised ruefully a while back that he’s not the sort of player who can totally take a midfield over. With him, it’s about that spark of creativity to make something happen that others lack. The midfield needs to be stiffer because it’s the PL, not more no less. Have got to work hard off the ball, many of our squad have realised this finally. Or been sold. Judging by Anderlecht, Andros hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

      Regards, Alan


  6. I wonder why we are not prepared in a game yo come raring out from the off. We seem too relaxed sometimes.
    When we played Liverpool at home why couldnt we be more energetic from the off?
    Liverpool set the pace..we eventually caught up to them later in the first half and took over them in the second. We shoiud have been at them and their new manager right away.At Bournemouth too we looked a little flat early until we were gifted.
    Anderlecht too.
    We are playing the Timless Villa thus time.No excuses at all to not come out and set the tone for the game.None.


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