And Now, A Short Intermission

I don’t always get my priorities right when it comes to football. Easy to say Tottenham comes first, it trips off the tongue, you can all laugh along, but in my case the obsession has led to a few questionable decisions. I went to the game when people close to me would have preferred I was somewhere else.

As somebody once said, of all the things that don’t really matter in life, football is the one that matters most. I missed the Southampton game and since then Mrs TOMM has been in hospital so time to write is short. This was our bedside view for the Leicester cup-tie on Sunday. Think of the last few weeks as Tottenham On My Mind’s winter break.

Spurs blog 150

This is the longest break on the blog during the season since I began seven years ago. I’ve missed writing about Spurs and apparently some of you have missed me. Sincere thanks for the messages and comments, deeply appreciated. The number of subscribers has gone right up even though there’s no content – readers don’t want to miss out.

I missed writing about the Norwich win. We played so well, so wholeheartedly, supporters and players felt closer than has been the case for so long now. A major theme of mine over the past two seasons is the yawning distance between supporter and club. This lot have bridged the gap. We and many others lingered in the warm glow instead of rushing away to Boxing Day families impatient for our return. The players felt it too, staying on the pitch, a semi-circle of honour if not quite a lap.

So I’ll see if I can make a late entrance on Wednesday night, Saturday if not. Keeps me steady, on track. Being there is more important than win or lose, helps me be the person I want to be. Winning’s nice, mind.

Tottenham On My Mind doesn’t get a mountain of page views but I’ve discovered the readers are phenomenally loyal, and that’s all right with me. Spurs are part of of our lives and I’m amazed and touched that some of you live it with me. Thanks for staying with me, a belated Happy New Year and stick around because this is going to be an interesting year for the blog. You might well be able to help. After the intermission, stay tuned.

26 thoughts on “And Now, A Short Intermission

  1. Hi Alan

    Sorry to hear about Mrs TOMM. Hope she gets well soon, but until she does,get your priorities right.
    Look after yourselves first !!! We’ll still be here when you’re ready to start writing again.
    My best to you and your family and I look forward to seeing you at the Lane in the near future

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  2. All the best to you and your wife. Health and family always comes first. I can only hope everything works out, and look forward to reading your lyrical waxing. Best regards



  3. Best regards to you and your wife, Alan. I hope whatever she has is manageable
    if not treatable (as it is with my wife). What a splendid view from her room tho! ..
    although not as impressive as that from the East Stand on match day.

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  4. Happy new year Alan.
    Wishing your Mrs a speedy recovery .
    Keep strong fellow Spur and look forward when you are back doing a good deed for us fellow Lily Whites.


  5. Yes, I agree with the others.
    We have missed your writings about the mighty Spurs. When I open my emails I always hope there is something from you.
    Hope all improves on the home front for you and keep the positive Spurs vibes going.
    This is the most open competition in years. Can we win the league? You bet we can!!!!!!!


  6. Well, this is awkward. A year ago I’d have happily seen Poch walk the plank, chained to Lamela. But now…not so much.
    For the first time in years (I cannot remember the last time we had such an embarrassment of player riches) we are spoiled for choice on our halfway player of the season. How can we not hand the trophy to young Deli Alli? When you consider he is playing at least two levels above where he was at this time last year it beggars belief that he’s achieved so much, so soon. Not only is he playing in a higher league against Prem quality players, many of them are also internationals. He’s experiencing new grounds, new refs, new manager, etc. for the first time and he’s blown past them all. He doesn’t just look as though he belongs, he has moved through the Prem into the England team. I can’t remember anyone who has done all of this in recent years. Maybe Rooney?
    Then there is Dembele. It struck me the other week that Dembele is the gearbox for the team. When he is out, mostly injured, the team just doesn’t ‘click’ the way it does when he’s around. Moves slow down, our attacking chances crash on the rocks of defences. There’s no variety to what we do, which is pass our way up to and around the oppo box but then grinds to a halt while we run out of ideas. Everything changes when Dembele plays. Our players give him the ball when they’ve run out of ideas and he accepts the gift and turns it into threat and danger. Harry scores when Dembele plays.
    Dier would get the nod, if it wasn’t for Alli. Any other player would have a sulk if they’d been shunted around the defence the way Dier has been treated these past two seasons. But he’s stepped forward and anchors the team to let others do the fancy stuff. When we’re under pressure it always seems to be Dier who puts his head and feet in the way. In past seasons we’d have one or two form players who’d pull the team along but they’d tire and we’d struggle. But Dier lets Alli and Dembele have a rest and works for two players when necessary.
    Hugo is huge. He makes saves other keepers would let in and we’d all agree that the strike was just too good. Our team is not flawless and occasionally other teams break through, but Hugo cleans up the mess with a minimum of fuss. He’s kept us in games and is starting to represent the club as if it belongs to him.
    But, all said and done, my vote for the POTY goes to………………..Alderweireld!!!
    I think he’s been a fantastic purchase. Our defence with Verty in recent years has been average. With Aldy, we have the best defence in the Prem. That’s a sentence I’ve never written before. Vertonghen always seemed to be on the verge of a major sulk when things went bad. The dummy was continually on the point of being spat out. Alderweireld has calmed everything down. There have been some games where he literally has not put a foot wrong. Not only has he put in some fantastic individual performances but his calming presence just flows through the team. Now the defence is settled, the midfield can pay more attention to beating up the opposition and setting up chances, instead of continually putting out fires in our penalty box. He scores goals, too. For his overall individual performances and his impact on the teammates Aldy is my man.

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  7. I wish you and your family well Alan. Not sure what it is but I can only wish you the best.
    I really enjoy the blog.Its forever shrouded in integrity and intelligence and always a good read.
    I sm happy with our team too. I think we have turned a corner (mind you we cant take them) and I think we have so much quality in the squad its very different from years past when we always had a couple of stars and a whole bunch of also rans now we have depth and substance. Its not perfect and thats great because perfection was always fleeting anyway.So to be thankful for what we have is more important.
    In thus topsy turvy season of results in general Pochs team has shown resilience and sustainability as much as any other. Im happy. Not ecstatic but I certainly dont think we are static.
    Anyway again the best to you Alan and Thanks for giving us an uodate


  8. Long time reader, first time commenter. Hope everything goes well with your missus and family.

    Realised how much I missed reading your blog during your break. What you write seems to perfectly encompass the feelings I get watching Spurs and being a Spurs supporter. Hope to read your writing again soon!


  9. It’s a delight to read your posts wherever we may be – in my case I’m a son of Tottenham now expat in New Zealand. Watching games is a virtual non-starter and your updates provide for a real insight as to how things really feel. Best wishes to your good lady missus for a speedy return to health. Cheers and COYS!


  10. Best wishes to Mrs TOMM indeed. You can both have a belated Happy New Year when she’s back to 100% . Or 110%, this being a football site. You’ve definitely been missed in these Times of relative league success.


  11. I echo all the above, Alan, and you can be sure that for everyone who leaves a comment there are many more who are very appreciative of your writing, and fully sympathise over the enforced hiatus.
    (Pity you couldn’t come back with a win for us!)


  12. Alan,
    As someone who has spent his entire adult life in a hospital, I know how draining and stressful it can be, and I can only hope to offer you the best of wishes to your lovely bride for a speedy recovery. Please know that your blog has offer us much joy and entertainment, and it is dearly missed, but as many have noted it is critical to deal with the most important things first. If I can help in anyway, please feel free to contact me, medicine is a confusing place. Stay strong my friend.


    • Alan,
      Best of health to you and Mrs TOMM.

      You probably already saw this from SpurredOn (Dele Alli Animation).

      And even if you did, it is worth watching again and again and . . . ..


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